Butterscotch Banana Pancake

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Buttery vanilla brioche, tea poached pears, guava rosewater coulis, whipped honey ricotta

I usually like my french toast eggy. This was not but I don’t mind. The bread was like some super soft, fluffy Japanese bread - not dry at all and yet not soggy. Enjoyed eating it with liberal amount of whipped honey ricotta, a small cut of the tea poached pears and a little guava rose water coulis.

Seemed rather pricey for french toast but it was surprisingly quite filling. Not wowed but it was above average for cafes’ standard. I actually liked this more than their Butterscotch banana pancake and Candied bacon waffles.

Liked the ambience and vibe of the cafe. Enjoyed their cappuccino - bold, nutty and not acidic. Don’t mind having this again if I’m here.

This place is definitely up there in the list of hot cafes for the young and hip. Even at 3pm, the place was packed. We ordered their famous Butterscotch Banana Pancake with coffee and a cold brew. The coffees were easily one of the most Instagramable coffees I have seen. The pancake also did not disappoint. We didn’t have any space left or we would have tried their Wurst Rosti.

I’ll be back!


Ok I know it’s expensive, but srsly it’s bloody good. We got the Butterscotch Banana Pancakes ($19.9) and it’s gigantic, good for sharing between 3-4 people cause it can get surfeiting. Even so, god damn, every element was perfect. From the ice cream to the cornflakes to the syrup to the pancake.... geeeezzzzz. The pancake was so crunchy on the outside yet so fluffy & soft inside!!!! Not dry at all. I think they used buttermilk cos the batter was damn fragrant sia ugh omg rly damn nice :-( I wld travel down just for this!!!!!!! 🥺🥺🥺 idk how they made it but wa NO OTHER PANCAKE WILL SUFFICE NOW.


Absolutely love this pancake!! This pancake itself is lightly crisp on the outside but incredibly moist on the inside! The toppings were a little on the sweet side, but a great mix of crunch and flavours. A little pricey for the size you get, but love the chill café atmosphere. Great service as well!!

The signature pancake was crispy on the outside yet warm, soft and fluffy on the inside. Served with caramelised bananas and house-made butterscotch & honey comb ice cream, this will certainly sweeten up your day.

(*Atlas Coffeehouse is currently closed for renovations, they will be reopening early next month)

If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life I would choose Atlas Butterscotch Banana Pancakes (~$18) in a heartbeat 🍌🥞 Crispy on the outside but fluffy and soft on the inside, this pancake can get dense and filling quick 😛 Honeycomb ice cream and cereal added the different varieties of texture and sweetness to this dessert without it being overly diabetes causing sweet, something that is 💯💯👌🏻👌🏻 imo

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Essentially McDonald's hot cakes on steroids, the grammable Butterscotch Banana Pancakes from Atlas Coffeehouse is not to be missed. Deliciously warm and fluffy - coupled with a slight crisp edge, this bad boy requires a 20 minute wait just for prep! Sprinkled with crunchy cornflakes, banana slices and topped off with a scoop of honeycomb ice-cream - you can honestly say goodbye to any diet plans and just dig in.

If you have a sweet tooth like yours truly, this is the dessert for you. Though I would say it's best to be shared - especially since it's 18 bucks. Oh why are good things so pricey?

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I really really love the window seats overlooking the main road at Atlas! Might be better to visit on a weekday instead of a weekend as it’s super packed and squeezy - not my definition of a chill weekend brunch. I can envision sitting here for hours on a weekday morning or afternoon doing work on a laptop, reading a book, or just people watching with a cuppa.

- Ice Tea Macchiato
- Milky Way
- Truffle Fries
- Summer Chicken Stew
- Butterscotch Banana Pancake