Breakfast Crab Cake

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With their menu largely unchanged, we were dismayed that the taste and how some of them were prepared were obviously different.
First indication was the Affogato that we always loved to order on every visit. Missing were the crunchy nuts that distincted theirs from others. The Affogato was still good but less the X-factor.
Their crispy crab cake was a major letdown, being our all-time favourite from this place. Crab cake itself was still delicious; but not everything else on the plate. The egg, bacon, avocado bread were poorly prepared. The little amount of crispy chips and salad sprinkled around the plate was miserable and no longer made sense.
Also from their breakfast platter it was visible that standard in preparation of their food had dropped. Whatever the reason was, hope it’ll improve while we’ll not be returning for sometime.


Definitely a true hidden gem cafe💎 located on the 8th floor of novena medical centre - it boasts an alfresco garden area and an indoor communal dining table🌿 it’s actually a really small space (an office unit) but it utilised a single communal table (doctors’ table🙃) and extend into the building’s garden (smart😂). thanks to @burpple that I spotted this hole in the wall🌸 but I got to say the price is on the steep side due to the rental I guess? They definitely serves high quality coffee (swipe to see the coffee bean grinder!!!⭐️) and their coffee beans changes with the season and are exclusively selected from abroad👍☕️their brunch are not your standard menu as well - 🦀 the breakfast crab cake is one of a kind, the crab patty is really made from fresh crab meat not frozen! 🦀 if you are around the area for a medical check up, one more cafe (hidden) to visit and high chance not a lot of people know hue hue (something to flex about maybe)😂✨
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Rare to find such nice crab cake dish in Singapore!

Truly the hidden gem of Novena! La ristrettos dishes up good brunch, of which my favourite is the breakfast bruschetta. Imagine grilled ham, crispy bacon, baby spinach and a poached egg (YES still runny!!!) atop a slice of toasted sourdough... MMMM yum 😋 I was glad for the drizzle of honey balsamic vinaigrette that helped to balance all the savoury flavours by adding a vaguely sweet and sour note!

What sets this cafe apart from the rest is the quiet and cozy atmosphere, friendly baristas and the option of enjoying your food or sipping a cup of hot coffee al fresco. All these at extremely wallet friendly prices (

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The Breakfast Bruschetta had a hearty stack of chicken, ham, tomato, spinach and poached egg on a toasted sourdough. A good recommendation besides their Crab Cake which was also our favourite. Also tried their French Toast which was nicely prepared and well-balanced between sweet and savoury.
The charm of this place has to be its cosy interior which makes one think it’s somewhere else out of SG, while sipping a coffee in the small space.

My choice today? Poached egg with a yummy crab cake, bacon, potato patty and avocado with balsamic sauce. Enjoyed in a cosy and relaxed place while watching the rain outside the window.
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Crispy patty packed with lots of crabmeat, complemented with avocado, crispy bacon, potato patty and flavoured with balsamic and my favourite pesto. #burpple

🍴Crab cake with potato mash, poached egg and avocado $15

I think this dish was just screaming at me... Crab cakes for breakfast and at $15, how awesome! The crab cakes were yummy but it had too much pepper in it which I wasn't too big a fan of, not sure if it was intentional or an oopsy. Eggs were done correctly with a oozy runny inny, potato cake was potato cake... But the pesto that circled the plate on the side? Made me want to lick the plate or just order a side of pesto.. Really good! Overall a very good meal!