Smoked Duck Breast

$14.00 · 4 Reviews

baked beans with pesto dressing and duck breast were totally spot on for me but toast (tad tough), poached eggs (tad overdone) and sausages failed to impress. but then, maybe i am being picky. totally heart the cafe vibe here though. defo warrant another visit.

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This cornmeal cake was soft and moist with a slight char on the edges, and has a grainy texture when you eat it. It’s seasoned lightly with a mild corn taste, so the full flavour comes from the smoked duck breast and bacon bits, with some capsicum and mustard seed dressing for a wee bit of heat. It was a little hard to cut through the duck though, so while the chunk of meat looked enticing at first, it might have been better if someone else did the work for me *twiddle thumbs* A good light meal option nonetheless.

I really wanted to try their coffee, but they don’t serve with soy milk, and I wasn’t in the mood for black coffee =( Cater to lactose intolerance pretty please…?


Smoked duck with poached egg. An interesting variation to an all-time favorite eggs dish for $14! The duck meat was tender & succulent, and the egg was poached to perfection!

Rating : 5 / 5