Oven Baked Molten Eggs on Tortilla and Melted Cheese

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A spot that I can say that I have been returning to every week, but it is still a rare occasion when I find myself sharing a main here instead of just having the pastries here — after all, there are mains such as the Curried Chicken Wrap and the Oven Baked Molten Eggs on Tortilla and Melted Cheese that I have been craving for, but there are always plans to have something else after the visit here.

Sounding like a rather simple dish that can be easily assembled by most in their kitchen, this also a dish that exemplifies the philosophy behind Brawn & Brains — their food always comes simple, but well-executed without being over-the-top; just straight up comforting brunch fare that warms the soul. The open face toast here comes with melted cheese over the top; stretchy and savoury, whilst complimenting the crusty and rustic slice of toast beneath it. Cherry tomatoes can be found hiding in the midst of the melted cheese — perhaps an attempt to use its zestiness to cut through the cheesiness and the carbs. Topped off with grilled bacon, the grilled bacon carries a hint of saltish flavour typical of cured meat, alongside an evident smokiness that I so ever love about their bacon here — absolutely sinful yet delicious; very few other establishments does their bacon this way. The Onsen Egg comes with a satisfying jiggle and a molten egg yolk; one could choose to dab it on the toast, or pair it with the garden salad if they so wish to that gives the salad a luscious texture and an eggy flavour, while the edamame is something that provides for a more wholesome feel for those with bigger appetites.

I think I have said enough over the years, but every visit that I have their mains and I would say that I have been neglecting their hot food offerings for quite a bit — the stuff here feels great to revisit for something I know will be satisfying, and especially rewarding to have after going around many other establishments be it cafes, bistro, restaurants and hawkers to just try what others have to offer. Reminds me that I have still yet to try the Fried Chicken Burger that is only available at their East Coast Road outlet!


Came here for their Oven Baked Molten Eggs on tortilla and melted cheese (in picture) as well as their Curry Chicken Wrap! My 4-5th visit here and the food standards remained great. It was a lil crowded on a Saturday afternoon but we got our seats really quick. They also serve cakes and pastries at their counter, such as their selection of sliced loaf cakes, croissants and breads - will try that the next time there!


What’s the weekend without a hearty brunch that replenishes the tummy and soul? 😍🥗🍳🥐☕️🍅

@brawn_and_brains does it right with these entries that seem so simple, yet delicious! 😋❤️ No hipster vibe, just genuine good food that reminds me of my time in Australia... Pity it’s a little off the beaten track though, but hey... Good food is always worth travelling for! ☀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

Look at that cheese covering the eggs . Everything is so perfect in this combo.


The addition of toasted black sesame seeds provides a subtle trace of nutty note and a nice crunchy texture to the already flavourful wrap. It is my definite order each time I'm here!
Oven-baked Molten Eggs - When I first ordered this, I was scratching my head as to how the eggs are able to keep its shape with the yolks perfectly done(still molten). My guess is this - the eggs are probably sous-vide first, crack open on the tortilla wrap and broil quickly with added cheese on top, forming that killer cheese blanket. A simple dish that allows the freshness of ingredients to shine through and through. .
Oh and that lovely Pen & Pencil house blend - my first coffee in weeks. Still as punchy as before!
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On the bright side, 13 more days until we ✈️.

🍳: Oven baked molten eggs on melted cheese, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and avocado. 🤤

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Now you know where I went chillin’..


Served with smoked salmon, thinly sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes and a bed of green, this is still one of the must have dish when visiting @brawn_and_brains! Just look at those melted cheese atop the baked eggs. They recommend to add toasted bread so that you can soak up all those eggy goodness.

Brawn & Brains Coffee
Address: 100 Guillemard Road, Unit 01-02, Singapore 399718

Random search for a café to eat, no reservation and open early cos need to "zombie walk" the whole day..
Not a fan of brunch but seems like it is the only option at 10 am..
Oven baked molten eggs: the signature dish of the café; 2 eggs with oozy yolk on a tortilla and covered with a blanket of melted cheese; served with salad, smoked salmon and avocado, all my favorites in a dish; add on toast; toast a little oily though..
Grilled chicken and avocado on whole wheat toast: Haven't really eaten a whole wheat toast; texture a little different; quite generous filling; a heavier taste but not get tired of it; chips as sides; but I would prefer a coleslaw or potato salad instead cos I don't like to eat chips..
Cranberries and hazelnut bun: there's chocolate inside; mostly cranberries; tasted not too bad; a little hard to bite off..
Berries bagel: A tinge of sweetness; soft inside; not too dry..
Espresso: was told to order Long Black coffee but when walk to counter, espresso came to my mind; double shot by default; choose from 2 different coffee beans which I've no idea about; never judge a coffee by it's size; instant mind "blink" with a sip; still I'm not coffee person; worth to try for coffee lover as recommended by "kopi-o kosong gau" lover.. Overall a super filling brunch in my life; and I guess that's the purpose of brunch (food for 2 meal).. Super lots of carbohydrate meal for a start.. Best to share cos 1 main course is a little filling by default; and things come in pairs for sharing also..
*p.s.: picture not well taken cos my eyes is so sleepy and hands no strength to lift and take properly.. need sleep to recharge.. tomorrow will be a better day ---> for food photo.. 🤔
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