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Duck & Waffle

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Duck & Waffle [S$22] - Duck confit, buttermilk waffle, strawberry compote. Crispy waffles with tender duck confit that was cooked perfectly. Not as oily as I expected it to be. If you're one of those that like your savoury food with a touch of sweetness. This is your dish.

Step into this refurbished shophouse along Foch Road and you will be instantly greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. You could sit near the entrance, or move further in for a more intimate setting. Their Flat White ($5) always comes with thick, rich crema, just the way we like it. The clear standout on the food menu is the Duck & Waffle ($22) β€” well seasoned and perfectly pan-seared duck confit set atop a tower of waffles, made complete with a scoop of mixed berries sorbet. We like how the unusual pairing of tart sorbet and briny duck meat results in a meal that is refreshing and strangely addictive! If you're just dropping by at tea time, opt for the Very Matcha Cake ($8) that is dense and moist, with slightly bitter matcha cream. Served with vanilla bean ice cream and extra matcha sauce, it's the perfect midday treat!

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An unlikely combination of duck with strawberry compote, chopped pistachios and mixed berries sorbet on half a fluffy waffle – an acquired taste that slipped the mark for me. No doubt the leg of poultry was tender and flavourful, but I missed the crispy skin that's usually the clincher on a "best duck confit" nomination.

like you desserts served now? Maybe this is for you! like the idea of having a sorbet and duck together to combine both sweet/savoury dish, but was kinda overpowering and had to eat them separately >

Be pleasantly surprised by 20F's specialities.
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Was having a high expectation on this dish as it's priced rather steeply as compared to the rest of the menu and it's one of the more popular items to appear on Instagram. Sadly, the overhyped dish was a let-down as my waffle was tough and too dense. While I wanted to blame myself for taking my own sweet time to get a good shot of my dish, and thus the melting sorbet, there's nothing spectacular about the dish. The different elements were fine on their own but not to each other. The pistachio was rendered useless as it didn't add anything to the flavour. While the duck was pretty good, it's just a duck confit well done, period. Clearly, it just didn't work for me, and for such a steep price I rather get myself a better plate of duck confit elsewhere.

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We first tried the waffle with mixed berries sorbet, and it was fluffy rather than the crispy version, though could be a tad dry.
We then tried the duck confit on its own, which tasted like Chinese version of braised duck (as quoted from @duncanchew), and the skin wasn’t crispy. Tender as it is, the meat easily tears off from the bones.
Since berries and duck confit are best friend, you can rest assured that this combination will not fail – simply because the berries can balance the savoury component of the duck and you get to enjoy the sweetness of the berries at the same time.
Though I have to comment that this is the most watery version of berry compote that I have ever seen. Skip the duck together with the waffle, because both texture don’t seem to marry well.
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Pulled pork flat bread with guac was so generous with the pulled pork which had a slight curry taste to it. Egg was runny and elevated the dish to the next level! Duck and waffle was very interesting - mixing meat with sorbet but strangely it worked. Coffee was enjoyable too. Definitely revisiting 20F!


|| ~ yeh, sure it's pretty revolutionary on the palate but honesty the compote turned out to be more like a syrup and the buttermilk waffles, acquiring a bread like texture to it were slightly on the dry side. The duck confit walked in the same tangent with its chewy flesh signaling a little over cooking. Not a big fan of the sweet savory concoction. #sorrynotsorry β€’
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Did not expect this bold combination of sweet and savoury, hot and cold on the same plate to be so good! The parents would probably give me a disapproval look and warn that I might get a stomach upset from it. Haha!πŸ˜‚ Nope, of course it did not happen. 😌 I enjoyed this dish truly. πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»