Brioche French Toast with Caramalised Banana & Salted Caramel

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With the reviews i'm doing, it's hard for flaws not to be amplified in my mind nor to be nit-picky about things πŸ˜“ Seeing their raving reviews online vs what i think, @onemancoffee has seriously confused me. It's unfair to be as critical, given that this was an @ubereats_sg delivery, but i didn't enjoy the food.

Rating: 6.5/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No

Pros: French toast was a brioche which was quite good (but as a brioche lover, not good enough). Strong truffle oil taste in cream cheese croissant.

Cons: Affordable but doesn't mean it's value-for-money. Simple ingredients, done in a very average way. Expected a better croissant - it was thick & not flaky. Sweet potato fries were... πŸ˜’πŸ‘Ž For $13, french toast seems overpriced. Everything apart from the breads tasted inferior & processed. I get it… it's a cafe. But way better options out there.

Price: S$27 - Ham & truffle cream cheese croissant, French toast w berries & mascarpone, @ubereats_sg delivery

Light and crispy toast to go with some fresh cream and salted caramel sauce sprinkled with snow-like sugar icing. Still one of the places near home which provides quality desserts.
If only we can have some snow in the midst of the hot weather. The passing rain is not even helping. 😧

The glorious salted caramel sauce was scrumptious together with the warm and soft brioche, and worth every single bit of my calories. You can even skip the cream and focus on the salted caramel sauce!
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One Man Coffee recently had just opened a second outlet in myVillage at Serangoon Gardens; again housed within Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar opposite Duke's Bakery. The full menu at Thomson is also available here such as this Brioche French Toast. Glad to say that the standard remains here, with caramalised bananas sweet and light and fluffy crusted brioche bread sprinkled with icing sugar, with cream and that potent salted caramel at the side that gives this dish an oomph whenever you lather it on the brioche.