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Claypot Mee Tai Mak

$5.00 · 45 Reviews

This has a similarity to hor fun. Instead, it uses mee tai mak and comes with an raw egg aside from minced meat, prawns and chopped kai lan. Served bubbling in a claypot with savoury sauce and strong wok hei flavour 》$8/Medium

This Saturday night was definitely an uplifting moment for me as I managed to reconcile with something that has eluded me for a while. Everything just seemed so right and back to normal once this cauldron of goodness was served. The wok hei, flavour and comfort level was just how it tasted like when I first had it a couple of years ago. Quoting from a fellow foodie, this claypot mee tai mak is definitely worth 5/5 munchies.

136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat
Address: 713, Clementi West Street 2, Singapore 120713 #yoursingapore #visitsingapore #singapore #burpproved #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #Makansutra #hawkerhopping #hawkerspotlight #sghawkersrock #claypotmeetaimak

The famous tzechar stall from toa payoh has shifted west. In the same coffee shop as Japanese owned ah hoe mee pok, one would expect crowds on weekends at 713 clementi west right now.

Also, I'm scooting off to Japan tomorrow, so stay tuned for the pics! But before that, wanna share my recent visit to 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat, to tryout that Claypot Mee Tai Mak ($5) which people are raving about. I enjoyed this so much, the very definition of shiok-ness! 😋😋😋Starchy and carbo-heavy max, but the umami OOMPH! (Also because I like Mee Tai Bak lah, ok?) Well, people are saying that they've closed down. Don't despair if you are a fan. Yes, they closed down their Toa Payoh branch, only because they've officially shifted! So fans of this, you can still enjoy it at their new venue: 
Blk 713 Clementi West St 2 (Postal Code: 120713) 
You're welcome. 😁 Deets will be up on the blog soon.
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This $8 (M size portion) baby lives up to all its hype on social media. Nestled in a coffeeshop in the heartlands of Toa Payoh, 139 Hong Kong St delivers a pot full of local goodness that's jam packed with flavour. Not only is the mee tai mak chewy and tender, it's loaded with egg, minced pork, veggie and chye poh! The veg stems were added and diced up in small pieces for the extra crunch. As for the sauce... Oh my that glorious sauce! 😱 We slurped up every drop of liquid gold.

This was definitely the star dish as the other dishes ordered (salted egg pork and 3 egg veg) paled in comparison (and also cost more). #igsg #igeats #sgeats #sgfood #vscocam #vsco #singapore #sgplaces


There's just something magical about this cauldron of goodies that makes me crave for it over and over again. This time round I was not able to eat it as I was feeling under the weather and I can only see my foodie friends enjoy it as they slurp down bowls and bowls of it. It was painful but an added motivation for me to recover quickly so that I can return for it soon.

Address: 19, Toa Payoh Lorong 7, Singapore 310019

I was first introduced to this dish through the Burpple #hawkerpedia project and have been missing it ever since! I usually have my mee tai mak in clear soup but who knew it could be so tasty? Served with a full of wok hei brown eggy savoury sauce, it coats onto every strand of noodles. The crunchy vegetables adds a bite to it and if you'd like a fiery kick, eat it with chilli padi!

Very very tasty mee tai mak. At $8 bucks for a medium portion serving 2-3. In it has minced pork, a raw egg cracked into it, prawns n veg. It goes really well with the green chilli too. Prepare to wait as there are a lot of customers!

Brunch with momma earlier. Since we are around the area, I suggested trying the claypot mee tai mak that has been making its rounds on social media. Best decision ever.

Wriggly, soft but firm silver needle noodle in viscous, umami-filled gravy. The raw egg add richness, flavour & serves as a thickening agent; adding body to the gravy. The prawns, minced meat & vegetables add texture and crunch to the noodles. My kind of comfort food and I can see myself coming back for more. #IFindComfortHere

Comes in 3 sizes ($5/$8/$10). We ordered $8 and is just nice for 2 pax.
PS: I would recommend to eat the mee tai mak as soon as it's served as the gravy dries up fast. Do note that they are closed from 2pm to 5pm daily. (Opening Hours: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 10:45pm).