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Duck Confit Hash

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We tried the duck confit hash at Knockhouse Cafe again! The dish comprises a potato rosti, topped with shredded duck confit and two poached eggs! Hollandaise sauce is served at the side to pair with the duck confit and poached eggs! Compared to the previous time we visited, Knockhouse cafe has altered their Hollandaise sauce slightly and it is now lighter and a lot less buttery/flavourful than before. :(

As usual, while the rosti was served hot and crispy (which we really loved), the shredded duck confit was really tough and dry. It might have been overcooked a little, just as it was in our previous visit. Furthermore, the poached eggs were rather tasteless this time round and it does not help that the hollandaise sauce is lighter and less gao than before!

The dish is priced at $20.90++, which is a little expensive given that the dish was a little disappointing. Nonetheless, Knockhouse Cafe has great vibes for you to have a nice chat with friends, although there is a dine-in time limit as the cafe gets pretty crowded later in the day!

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The duck confit was really tough and it required quite a lot of effort to chew :( It would have been nice if the dish was served with a more generous portion of hollandaise sauce as well. However, the poached egg was cooked to our liking and that was nice. Overall, we felt that even though the amount of shredded duck meat was rather generous, the dish was a little too pricey ($20.50++).

Decided to try something a little different - shredded duck leg confit on potato rosti, topped with poached egg and Hollandaise sauce. It didn’t feel very much like a breakfast dish, but the combination of ingredients was surprisingly quite yummy. I wouldn’t order it again but I think it was worth a try if you wanted something a little different from the standard breakfast/brunch items.

We visited Pacamara on a Monday morning and it wasn’t too busy, just the right amount for a chill cafe hangout. We managed to get the seats by the window so we could people watch while we enjoyed our food.

Duck Confit - $20.50
First view can be confusing, isn’t this an Eggs Benedict dish? Despite the eye catching poached eggs w hollandaise sauce, the main role of this dish is still the shredded duck leg confit. Quite soft and flavourful, layered on top of potato rosti. When added abit of everything onto the bread, it’s goes quite well actually, sandwich style

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I wasn't keen on this, but ordered it since it's a signature. My reason was duck confit is brilliant as a whole, so why shred it? True enough, the meat was lame and dry. Add to that I'm not a fan of rosti. I liked the toast, hollandaise sauce and obviously poached eggs, but they weren't sufficient to save the dish.

We ordered the highly raved about duck confit with rosti ($20.50). Unfortunately with only hollandaise sauce to accompany the dish, it was a little dry. Perhaps they could be more generous with the sauce? The rosti was not too bad, but could be more flavourful and crispy. We were slightly perplexed at the inclusion of long beans in this dish though.

I quite liked the Mushrooms on Toast ($17), tho the price is really quite steep for what is just mushrooms in a truffle cream sauce + bread + fried egg + vegetables.

Iced mocha ($7.50, not in photo) was good! Would come back for the coffee, but maybe not for the mains due to the steep prices.

To be honest, I can’t remember anything outstanding about this dish.

This was alright! I was really impressed by all three dishes (Halibut Fish & Chips, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Eggs Florentine) the first time I went so I would say I had high expectations when I visited the second time. The duck was seasoned nicely. I appreciated the sprinkle of spice (idk what it was though) atop the eggs which would otherwise have been pretty tasteless. But that’s what you get for poached eggs I guess. The hash though was surprisingly bland - salt seems to have been omitted.

It’s overall an alright dish, although I now think duck confit is best served as a duck leg haha. I’ll still be back to try other dishes!

pictured is the duck confit hash ($20.50) & the halibut fish burger ($17).

both dishes were stunning. i feel that for the price, the portions are big and filling. duck wasn’t too salty, seasoned perfectly! the fish burger was tasty, the patty was on the slightly oily side but the flavours were there. the batter for the fish patty wasn’t too thick. generous serving of fries came along with it! it’s a must to mention their roadster beans, i got the 5oz white coffee with a single shot & it was just what i needed for the day!

ambience: 8/10
food: 9/10
price: 8/10
service: 9/10

would definitely recommend & go back in future 🤩

Nothing fabulous abt the dish. Duck was too salty. Egg was bland. Would not go back to the restaurant. I liked the environment tho.