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Duck Confit Hash

$20.90 · 28 Reviews

This was alright! I was really impressed by all three dishes (Halibut Fish & Chips, Truffle Mac & Cheese, Eggs Florentine) the first time I went so I would say I had high expectations when I visited the second time. The duck was seasoned nicely. I appreciated the sprinkle of spice (idk what it was though) atop the eggs which would otherwise have been pretty tasteless. But that’s what you get for poached eggs I guess. The hash though was surprisingly bland - salt seems to have been omitted.

It’s overall an alright dish, although I now think duck confit is best served as a duck leg haha. I’ll still be back to try other dishes!

pictured is the duck confit hash ($20.50) & the halibut fish burger ($17).

both dishes were stunning. i feel that for the price, the portions are big and filling. duck wasn’t too salty, seasoned perfectly! the fish burger was tasty, the patty was on the slightly oily side but the flavours were there. the batter for the fish patty wasn’t too thick. generous serving of fries came along with it! it’s a must to mention their roadster beans, i got the 5oz white coffee with a single shot & it was just what i needed for the day!

ambience: 8/10
food: 9/10
price: 8/10
service: 9/10

would definitely recommend & go back in future 🤩

Nothing fabulous abt the dish. Duck was too salty. Egg was bland. Would not go back to the restaurant. I liked the environment tho.

We all know the best part is when you've got the skin fat all rendered, leaving you with a crisp, yet melt-in-your-mouth skin. This was crispy in parts, but strangely even the unrendered bits seemed to just disappear in your mouth. Verdict? Not too bad at all. #pacamarasg
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this is one of my favorite cafe dishes ever! a little pricey but it’s so good 🙌🏻

the shredded duck was really tender and flavorful and the amount of duck was really generous. it was served on a bed of rosti, which was crispy and delicious, and accompanied by well-poached eggs ✨

only gripe is that the wait for a table can be long and the wait for food even longer, especially during weekend brunch times, as it’s a pretty popular place!

interior is beautiful, white and minimalistic

9.5/10 🌈


Was deciding between 2 café which are nearby each other.. Initially planning to go the other one but there's some issue with the electricity, so went to this one..
Soup of the day (bacon & potato soup): didn't think of using bacon as main ingredient for cream soup; soup is unexpectedly flavorful; taste is not too overwhelming; love the slightly rough texture of soup from the potato; 1 piece of multi-grain toast at the side; really love the soup that I dipped all the toast inside..
Wild mushroom aglio olio: Generous portion of mushroom and serving; pasta was al-dente; more of black pepper taste than usual garlic aglio olio; tad too oily though..
Salmon & Kale: salmon is cooked to medium; skin is crispy; love the sweet and sour cranberry vinaigrette that is drizzled over kale, pomegranate and hazelnut; cauliflower puree is very smooth..
Duck confit hash: shredded duck meat over a piece of fairly thick potato rosti; meat is quite tender; 2 poached egg at the top drizzled with hollandaise sauce; half piece of thick toast is quite fluffy and soft..
Blueberry pancake: chunks of berries hidden in between 2 pieces of thick fluffy pancake; vanilla cream and vanilla ice cream are the best combination with pancake; love the sweet and sour taste; portion is big so best to share..
Overall a satisfied and filling meal.. Glad that this café was my next option for today and it didn't disappoint me..
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Duck confit with rosti, poached egg and arugula with a side of bread. It is delicious. Portion is light yet filling.

This cafe is located beside FatBoys! So it is quite easy to find.


Trying out duck confit hash ($19.50) today and oh so yummy!! 😍 Shredded duck leg confit was so soft while rosti was nicely done and crispy! 😋
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24 Jun'17, Sat
- Duck Confit Hash🍗🥔