Confit Duck Leg

$36.00 · 7 Reviews

A last minute booking left us with counter seats, which were pretty cool to see the cooks busying around in the kitchen. The fragrance of the five spice sauce wafted into our noses the moment the signature duck confit and waffles were served. While it is a classically Asian element, the clove-laced caramel sauce was a unique takeover of the usual French-style wine sauce, one that tantalises and intrigues the tastebuds. The skin of the duck confit had crisp edges, but the waffles added the extra crunch when eaten together. Duck leg was meaty and well-cooked through, a departure from the dry thin types from heartland roast duck stalls. And yes, waffles are great substitutes for fingers (decorum please) to wipe the plate clean.


Loved the Asian twist to this classic dish. Confit of duck leg in five-spiced caramel sauce, served with fluffy waffles. The combination of crispy skin and tender meat, along with the sweet mildly spiced sauce is just heavenly 😋


The favourite of the night - Confit Duck Leg (S$32++). The duck was cooked perfectly and not even a knife was needed to pare the meat off the bone. The sticky five spice caramel sauce was a perfect complement for both the duck and the crispy aromatic waffles. Incidentally, even though this place doesn't specialise in desserts, it has one of the best waffles around.


You know you're well taken care of when every dish that comes steadily outdoes the one that came before, leaving you in a giddy high by the time you realize how good of a job laksa leaf ice cream with green chili does as a dessert. Of course, the two excellent bottles of wine and warm hospitality had a large part to play. I can hardly name two more restaurants that make you feel quite this comfortable dining out. I almost felt like I was at home, throwing the most excellent of dinner parties. This photo has absolutely no way of representing the voluptuousness of the herb-forward salad, the bang of the five spice caramel perfectly lifted by chili, and waffles so good they deserve to stand alone. We don't even really need to talk about the duck. Ok, long story short, make sure you come here with your foodie friends sometime, and enjoy the beautiful venison tartare (!), this, and the humble roast pumpkin that deserves a tiara of precious jewels upon entering anyone's belly. Thanks for such a lovely night @rishinaleendra :) #burpple

The decidedly Body Combat-esque and delectably charred duck leg shredded with a most effortless poise, the vivacious and refreshing greens tarted things up Vietnamese-style and the earnestly understated, crispy and buttery waffles launched a warning salvo that will likely leave pretenders and wannabes with their legs in the air like it's a Baygon advert, but the revelation here is the five spice caramel, so deliriously exhilarating it spins you right around like a spicy, Chinese, Yomeishu-herbal and honey-sweet record. 4.4/5

Helmed by the former head chef of MACA, we just had to try the Duck Confit with Waffles ($36++) at Cheek by Jowl as this was one of the signature dishes of the chef when he was at MACA. Done with an Asian touch, the Duck Confit here features Five Spice Caramel, a sticky sauce which carries a strong Asian-influenced flavour the moment you send it in your mouth before a sweet flavour follows afterwards; pretty quirky sounding but strangely works with the savoury duck meat. Waffles were also of commendable quality; fluffy waffles that are plush with buttermilk fragrance and a little sugary sweetness enveloped within — achieving almost perfection that you should eat with a little bit of greens, a chunk of duck meat and five spice caramel on the top. Even the greens are delicious, pretty much reminding me of the salad mix that is prevalent in Vietnamese cuisine often found in Banh Mi. So good, it actually warrants a return visit on its own!