Cereal Frog Legs

$17.00 · 6 Reviews

While I understand that the frog legs are from American bullfrogs, I still can't wrap my head around the $17 price tag for such a tiny portion. Having said that, what is basically frog karaage, is crunchy outside and juicy within. For those who haven't tried frog leg before, it takes particularly well to being battered and fried, as the flesh remains sweet, tender and moist.

Taste: 3/5


Head to this bar at the end of a trying day and leave your work woes at the door. Located on the second floor of a shophouse along Boon Tat Street, Freehouse has 16 craft beers and ciders on rotation, all affordably priced from $9 for a 10oz pint. The selection changes often, so don’t be shy to ask any of the bartenders what's new. Keep an eye out for the Panhead Blacktop Oat from New Zealand ($10 for 10 oz pint, $15 for 16 oz pint) — a silky stout with hints of chocolate, tiramisu and oats. It’s not all drinks and no food here. The bar bites they’ve created here are eyebrow-raising when you’re sober, but totally acceptable when you’re buzzed. Order the Cereal Frog Legs ($17) — American bull frog legs that pretty much tastes like a skinny chicken wing and be sure to dip it into the addictive ginger flower dressing.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler John Kuan

A really cool craft beer specialist place located on the second floor of a shop house, Freehouse has unique offerings like the Panhead and the Kyara.🍻

Of course we also popped by to try the much talked about cereal frog legs! Crunchy and tender, it was a great bar bite as you slowly made your way down to the bones. Kinda pricey though at $17 but worth a try! 💰

Second bar restaurant with GF and Burpple team near Chinatown area. We were a little bit too late as the kitchen just closed but we managed to convince the owner to make one last order for our group! 😘 We ordered their cereal frog legs to share but sadly our group was a little too big so we can only have one each 😂. It does not taste too oily thanks to the cereal coating and the taste really reminds me of eating fried chicken, but I know it's not.

We also ordered a variety of craft beers to try. The one I really like was the Pan Head Blacktops Oats ($10), an oatmeal stout that isn't strong as what I expected of stouts in general. It has a slight mellow aftertaste which is something I generally look out for in beers. Overall, this place is a good hangout spot after work with sufficient lighting and ambience to strike conversation over drinks.

The gargantuan superiority of these Americans would startle those who are typically accustomed to Geylang-style Asians. The experience marries the gloriousness of crispy fried chicken with zichar-esque cereal, with the dressing doing well in taming the greasiness and any frogness of flesh being apparent for the bites closer to the bones. 3.8/5

// watch out for their official opening 1st April!