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Big Prawn Hor Fun

$16.00 · 65 Reviews

Damn thirsty shortly aft the meal. Hor Fun was super spicy! Bee Hoon looks even spicier but actually it's less spicy than the hor fun and the soup is slightly sweet. Claypot Yong Tau Foo really oily but nice. There is a lot of fish paste stuffings!

For drinks they have homemade barley and canned drinks ($1.50). Was disappointed that their homemade barley ran out as early as before 7pm.

Would recommend making a reservation if going in a large group as the queue can get quite long. They do not accept reservations for smaller grps tho. Their number is also very difficult to get through. Probably best time to call wld be when they are operating for lunch hr where they are less busy.

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We chanced upon this restaurant and decided to give it a try as it seemed pretty popular. They just opened for business at 5pm and there was already a queue at about 5.30pm. We ordered their signature Big Prawn Hor Fun ($18) and prawn paste chicken ($13). Their Hor fun didn’t disappoint. It is pretty unique as the sauce is not the usual Hor fun sauce. But will probably not order the prawn paste chicken if we visit again. Pretty mediocre.

BILL: $87.20 including 3 canned drinks and 1 rice

WAITING TIME: Queued at 6pm on Sunday, food arrived at 6.12pm

Big Prawn Hor Fun Medium, $36 (Yep, price increased. Also available in $18/54)
-- Still tastes as good as when as the previous times. But a little too many fried shallots mixed in the sauce.

Claypot Yong Tau Foo $15
-- SO GOOD?!

Crispy Roasted Chicken $14
-- Skin was crispy but meat was dry. Not nice enough to order again.

Bittergourd pork ribs $15
-- Thankfully not too bitter. Not nice enough to order again.

Surrounded by trendy cafes and bars is a Zi Char place that serves solid Cantonese fare at Keong Saik Road.

Their signature Big Prawn Hor Fun’s thick, eggy and mildly spicy gravy resembles the familiar chili crab sauce. Packed with umami, this hor fun is #messydelicious and the prawns are big and de-shelled for you.

Be sure to come early to get a table and avoid disappointment.

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It’s been 2 years since i last visited Kok Sen and their big prawn hor fun was still as yummy as ever!

What made this dish so good was definitely the gravy which was so thick, flavourful and filled with umami richness. Hidden beneath the pool of gravy were the wok hei laden hor fun and prawns that were big & succulent. Shiok! 😋

One the best hor fun I had. I will always recommend friends to eat here if we are nearby.


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Keong Siak Road was once a red light district in Singapore but now the it has transformed into one of coolest area peppered with trendy cafes, bars and bistros with mixture of local eats. One good find in the area would be Kok Sen restaurant which has been serving patrons for more 3 decades and the our favourite dish would be the big prawn hor fun, $18 for small portion which is good enough for 2 persons. The hor fun exuded a strong wok hei taste and the thick luscious gooey gravy with tinge of spiciness is lip smacking good. Beside that, the big prawns were extremely fresh and easy de-shell. Anyway don’t be intimidated by the price as its probably worth it😋


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While slightly pricey, the medium sized #bigprawnhorfun is good for 4-5 people & came with 9 (or was it 10) big, juicy and fresh prawns. The sauce was slightly spicy, almost like those used in chili crab. Adding with the wok hei flavour, the horfun was highly delicious. The #claypotyongtaufoo was another unique must try with delicious seafood-stuffed eggplant, chili & tofu in a tasty gravy. Also really enjoyed the #sambalkangkong & flavourful #prawnpastechicken. While the kailan was also well-cooked with very tender pork, it was a bit on the oily side.
⚠️ Listed on the #michelinbibgourmand for 2 years running, this zichar restaurant has a constant queue. Going at 6.30pm on a Friday, there was a ~40min wait for a table & ~30mins wait so be prepared to wait an hour at least! Reservations are allowed but only for bigger groups of at least 7
📍Kok Sen Restaurant #國成球記菜社, 30 Keong Saik Road
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Googled for good tze char restaurants and ended up at Kok Sen - apparenly a Michelin Bib Gourmand Zhi Char 🤔 The horfun and beehoon are their signatures and were only served spicy so even tho I can’t take spice, being a fatty I ordered (obviously). The seafood was fresh and tofu was yummy😋 But didn’t think the crabs were worth $65 each for the sizes served and also probably because I ate 2 for $68 at KEK Seafood the other day🙊 Well $65 isn’t an issue for a crab till you see my next post LOL stay tuned for a shock🤦🏻‍♀️ And a burn in my pocket😭
• Romaine Lettuce Stir Fried w Fermented Beancurd ($10)
• Big Prawns Hor Fun ($18)
• Big Prawns Bee Hoon Soup ($18)
• Black Pepper Crab ($65)
• Steamed Crab ($65)
• Rice ($0.70)

For me, this dish is "百看不如一尝" (eating once is better than seeing a hundred times). 🤣 After drooling over countless photos of this scrumptious hor fun dish posted by my foodie friends, I finally had the chance to try it and boy, I was really blown away! The hor fun was brimming with wok hei and the umami-packed gravy was bursting with a myriad of flavours. As for the prawns, you can see for yourself how big and succulent they are! This dish left such a lasting impression on me that I am already planning a second visit.

Small (S$18.00)
Large (S$54.00)

Kok Sen Restaurant
30 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089137
Tel No.: 6223 2005