Nasi Ambeng

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Really huge portion, well balanced dishes! Sambal belacan is amazing and we thought all the dishes were not too spicy.

Fav dishes from Pu3: ayam lemak chilli padi and tahu telur

💵: $28

📈: 6.5/10

🤔: Big portion, but food was just okay. Recommend the ayam lemak cili padi and begedil, but the rest of the sides in the dish were not that good. Sambal is so delicious I would totally order rice just to have the sambal with it.

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Nasi ambeng seems to have gained popularity for the past few years, but Pu3’s rendition is still my fave. Love how tender and fragrant the chicken is, and the opor, though looks pale in colour, is sufficiently rich without getting too overwhelming. I usually skip the sambal goreng in most Malay food stalls, but the one here is not too greasy nor jelat. It fed 8 pax just nice and the plus point: we can try a bit of everything and leave some room for dessert.


Keep this spot in mind for group outings. Go straight for the Nasi Ambeng ($29.90 for 2pax, $50.80 for 4 pax) that features a mountain of rice surrounded on all sides by bergedils, milky chicken curry and a succulent, slightly spicy rendang. Burppler Jayson Yeo recommends heading over before 8pm as the food sells out pretty early.
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Known for their nasi ambeng, I had to order their Nasi Ambeng Solo ($9.80) when I’m there. If you are not sure what’s a nasi ambeng, it’s a communal platter of dishes, designed to be shared with a group. This solo platter is specially created for a single pax’s consumption and it comes with wingbean crispies salad, bergedil, chilli peanut anchovies, chilli eggplant, sambal goreng and the all-important beef rendang. You essentially get everything that you want in a single platter which makes nasi ambeng such a joy to savour.
Pu3 Restaurant
Address: 111, Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, Unit 02-20, Singapore 238164
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Nasi ambeng. Bearing a fiery appearance, we thought it will taste just as fiery. Some were sweet and some with a tiny hint of spicyness. I am a tad disappointed as I would prefer at least two out of the eight dishes to deliver a fiery kick and a balance of spicy and sweet.
Perhaps the mildness of chilli is catered to those who do not like it hot. It was satisfying but yet not satisfied.

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Gather the squad for some proper feasting at this eatery tucked away in Somerset. The Nasi Ambeng ($7.90 for 1 pax, $29.90 for 2 pax, $50.80 for 4 pax) holds it own when it comes to flavour, balancing spice, sweetness, richness and saltiness in every bite! Picture a mountain of rice surrounded by sides that include bergidil that is crispy on the outside while pillowy soft on the inside, milky chicken curry, and succulent rendang chunks soaked in thick, slightly spicy sauce. Pro tip: kitchen closes at 8pm so come for lunch or an early dinner to avoid disappointment!
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This was a huge dish full of flavours. The plate we ordered was meant for 2 pax ($29.90). But it could feed 3 of us just right. Would be a place to visit if you are going in a group.


The Curry Chicken Gravy is Good because when u eat with rice so that u won"t feel so Jelat. One of The Authentic Malay Indonesian Cuisine U dun want to be missed