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Oddly enough, no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without me craving a prata fix. So I scurried over to the Jalan Tua Kong branch of Springleaf earlier today with my nephews and niece, and we ordered a few of Springleaf’s original creations to share. This Murtaburger ($7.90) was one of them. I am not too fond of lamb so I only had a small bite of the lamb patty that’s wrapped within but on the whole, I thought the prata was pretty tasty as it’s fried with an egg, and filled with cheese, chilli sauce, mayo and pepper sauce.

isn’t it much prettier stacked up like that? i think i took longer to slice it up than to gobble the whole thing down 🤣

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[Halal] As part of the annual Ultimate Hawkerfest, Springleaf Prata Place introduces a new dish to its menu. Notable predecessors include Salted Egg Prawn prata and Plaster Blaster and Murtaburger. In the case of 2017, they've concocted the Prata Alfredo ($10.90, set). As enticing (or weird if you will) as it sounds, how does it fare?

Pretty alright, but with one major flaw - the sauce was way too oniony. Even if it eventually settled in on my palette, the unpleasant taste lingered. Ah well. I do love the incorporation of the chunky diced rosemary chicken though and maybe low-key liked the chili sauce in there, even though it sounds offbeat in principle.

This comes in a set actually, accompanied with a tall cup of lime juice. You may find that it helps to cut the flavours that rub you off the wrong way, although it'll make you squirm from its immense sourness.

I don't hate it, but I do think it deserves props for the innovative fusion of alfredo and roti prata. Whether you see it as merely a hype machine or as the epitome of creative food crafting, you can't deny that Springleaf has been at the forefront when it comes to introducing unorthodox, yet decent pratas to the local pro-prata crowd. (7/10)


For a restaurant that is tucked in the private estate of Siglap, I was actually quite surprised that this outlet of Springleaf Prata Place is packed with people at 8.00pm. This is definitely a place for somewhat affordable prata in an air-conditioned setting.

Of course, other than the popular 2013 MurtaBurger, this Red Bean Prata (S$3.50) also caught my attention. Nope, they don't make this like an あんパン (Japanese red bean bun), but more like a 锅饼 (Chinese red bean pancake). Unlike the usual oily roti pratas, this prata is thin, crisp and appears to have oil blotted out before serving. Anyone who likes red bean paste should give this dessert prata a chance.



It's Big (God Help You or actually I can), it's almost 2 or 3 times bigger than your usual Murtabak & damn it'll feel you up in no time. 😋
The edges are Crispy, the centre is packed with goodies but it ain't as Crispy, so one might face a dilemma of which to eat, just get both (Devour the entire thing after all it's your Patriotic Duty)🍴

ACAMASTIPS💮: Dining alone?? Get the MurtaBurger (💵S$7): Egg, Mozzarella Cheese, Mayonnaise, Chilli & Black Pepper Sauce & Lamb Patty. 🍔 Its like Ramy Burger, Prata Style & its good let me tell you upfront. Therefore just order it anyways. 🖖🏻


was this Murtabak between 2 buns? but they've already got an Ultimate Murtabak on the menu (which I WILL have the next time I'm there) so I asked the cashier, to which he answer "oh, it's Ramly Burger wrapped in Prata" 😳 AND I WAS SOLD 🔨 I really don't wish to tell you all this but it is SO FREAKING GOOD, I can't keep it a secret! Runny Egg + Melted Cheese + Minced Chicken Patty, Mayonnaise and BBQ Sauce oooozzzing out of the Prata wrap? OMG. out of this world!!!!!! and the best part? - only SGD6! give me two more please!!!! @igsg #igsg #singapore #foodpornasia #burpple #setheats #eatoutsg #sgfood #foodsg #sgfoodie #singaporeeats #sgcafe #sgcafehopping #sgcafefood @cafehoppingsg @sgcafefood @sgfoodie @singaporeeats #brunch #breakfast #singaporefood #hawkerfood #hawkerfare #eatlocal #jiaklocal #springleafprataplace #prata #ramlyburger #murtabak

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Prata wrapped with beef patties and cheeeesseee. Amazing!!! *drools*