Ultimate Murtabak

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Sinful breakfast 😋 after morning jog at Springleaf Prata. Plaster Blaster (egg benedict), Ultimate Murtabak, Umami 50, Special Paper (milk), Egg Prata, Iced Milo and Iced Teh Tarik.

For one last foodie hurray enroute to Changi International Airport, make a pitstop at Springleaf Prata Place on Jalan Tua Kong (about a 15-minute drive away). Tucked away in the eastside surburbs, this Halal-certified joint serves fun, fusion-type renditions of murtabak (pan-fried dough stuffed with various fillings) and roti prata (griddled South Indian flatbread). Both are usually served with house-cooked curry gravy on the side, although it's not unusual to see diners eating prata with white sugar. Be sure to bring a sense of adventure, because the creations here are unconventional. The Ultimate Murtabak ($12) comes stuffed with tender chunks of tandoori chicken and a thick layer of oozing mozzarella studded with mushroom slices, while the Umami ($7.50) brims with chicken luncheon meat, chicken floss, Japanese mayonnaise, egg and mozzarella. Alternatively, try the Plaster Blaster ($5), which sees crispy, plain prata topped with slices of ham and a wobbly poached egg, smothered in hollandaise sauce. We're happy to report it is equally yummy doused in curry gravy!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Jervois Chong

Tandoori chicken + portobello mushrooms + mozzarella cheese. The best combination!

Glorious chunks of tandoori chicken, bountiful bits of portobello mushrooms and cheesy mozzarella singing in harmony, hidden inside the prata dough. Where have you been all these while?

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Named Umami 50 ($8), this dish coincided with SG50 and was strongly recommended by the staff upon seated. Without hesitation, I ordered a set and it was definitely umami to the max. With help from @ieatishootipost , Springleaf Prata manages to surprise us year after year with their Ultimate Hawker Fest creation. This year, Umami 50 is a prata that contains premium chicken luncheon meat, chicken floss, mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise and egg. With all these ingredients that go into this creation, how can one resist the temptation from not ordering it?
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Ordered this for two, it was more than enough. The filling of chicken, cheese and mushroom was generous. Price: $12.

Look at the cheese stretch!!!!! YES, the Ultimate Murtabak from Springleaf Prata Place is worth 5 exclamation marks as it was just that good. The smokey flavour from the chunks of Tandoori chicken and the earthy taste of the sauteed portobello mushrooms with mozzarella cheese, was super shiok. It was my first murtabak but I think it is the best murtabak in Singapore with its perfectly crisp exterior and generous filling! Good for sharing though you might not want to!

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Yesterday's awesome prata feast at Springleaf Prata Place! I just had to drag my friends and go all the way down to Jalan Tua Kong (Bedok) to stuff my face with prata after hearing about the special Umami 50 prata created for SG50 (50 cents off for the month of Aug) and it was worth the travel!! We over-ordered .... Okay actually I over-ordered because I live in the West so I have to try whatever I want before I make a 90-minutes journey home. The place was a little inconvenient to get to if you don't drive but the prata was so good.

The 2012 Ultimate Murtabak ($12). Feeds 3 comfortably. Huge chunks of tandoori chicken topped with generous portions of portobello mushrooms and infused with mozzarella cheese! Tastes really fan-fking-tastic! Other must-trys include the prata bomb, portobello mozzarella and the plaster blaster

Resistance is futile. Why have people not put tender chunks of tandoori chicken, a thick layer of oozing mozzarella and mushrooms together in one murtabak before? The best part is how thin and crispy the prata itself is, the most perfect shell for these tasty, tasty fillings. Smother it all in fish curry, and share this between 4 comfortably along with a plaster blaster each. That is how you brunch.