Fish & Chips

$15.90 · 11 Reviews

It's hard to miss out on this alfresco cafe's signature block letter structure, located at the entrance of trendy Haji Lane. Their unexpectedly good food is what brings diners back again and again, especially for their fried seafood, hearty burgers and beautifully layered cakes. Go for the Penne Pesto Pasta ($15.90), Meatball Pasta ($16.90) and Vegetarian Pasta ($11.90). Other signature must-trys include the Fish & Chips ($15.90), and the Charcoal-grilled Juicy Beef Burger ($13.90).
Photo by Burppler Kat X

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

The only time I settle for fish and chips at any regular non-specialty store is when I’m feeling highly uninspired, so I guess that says a lot in itself. Says even more that this ended up being the best of all we ate over lunch 😐 Batter was light, fish was as decent as frozen white fish goes, fries were...well, fries.


Fish and chips.

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Spoilt for choices deciding between the range of burger and other main course. Decided to go for fish & chips!

The filet used is fresh and portion is big too! It is fully covered with the batter and fried to crisp. Loves the fries! No issues on the food & service.

The only thing is they've expanded to the 2nd level but it has high ceiling so can be quite noisy when you've 2 or 3 big groups.

Will be back to try other mains and make space for desserts.


Finally get to have lunch here. Tried their signature dish, Fish & Chips. Very generous with the fries. The size of the fish is a bit big but the batter is very nice. Tastes different and original compared to other places that I've tried.

Fish and chips was nice. Abit too oily for me. But its nice. Price was reasonable. Serving was small, but tasted good.

Fish and chips; specialty of I am. The fish is quite light and soft on the inside and the batter is quite crispy. Perfect combination. Paired up this fish with their iced Mochalicious(perfect for those who are a coffee and chocolate lovers). Two thumbs up!

It is one of the signature dishes at this popular corner cafe. Upon being served, it tends to elicit a few "wow's" due to the attractive presentation - they perch the large sized fish on the pile of chips. The batter used creates an incredibly light coating and isn't greasy or heavy in any way. Made from real potatoes (you can still see the skin on them), the chips are wonderfully delicious. Priced at $15.90 before taxes, you can see why this dish is a must-order and appears on nearly every table.

Dining here was kind of a claustrophobic's nightmare but the food made up for it. The fish was fried to crisp perfection but we got sick of the taste of too much fries and the beef burger after a while. Good experience! Spent $70+ for 3 people, including dessert.