Potato Dumpling Gnocchi

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This plate of mini pillows of potato with shredded pork sausage was absolutely delish. 👌🏼Using just enough flour to bind the mashed potatoes together, the dumplings' texture was absolutely spot on! I loved mopping up the tangy and umami sun-dried tomato jus (it was more like a purée, really) with the gnocchi pieces, along with a few slices of shaved fennel to brighten up the whole ensemble. 🌟

This dish contains barramundi from Kuhlbarra farm, charcoal cooked sweet potato gnocchi from Cynthia’s house, Indian borage, pickled eggplant and sweet potato leaves from Open Farm Community’s garden. Barramundi fish are hardy and fast growing, which makes them suitable for aquaculture. Hence, this fish is currently farmed in Singapore.

Read more: http://www.misstamchiak.com/open-farm-community/

lovin these small cubes but there could been have more flavours.

where's good for gnocchi?


Oh my, some of the best gnocchi I've had in Singapore, indeed. Every soft yet firm morsel of potato pasta accentuated with the intense sharpness of sundried tomato purée – absolutely scrumptious when shoveled into the mouth along with bits of savoury minced pork. Plus, you won't find your palate weighed down, thanks to the shavings of fennel that lift the dish with their subtle sweetness and refreshing crunch.

What happens when you wake up ravenous: you think of carbs, aka pasta. And this gnocchi is so insanely good that we can't stop craving for it.

It's got the perfect texture and tenacity of handmade gnocchi—thick, soft and chewy; and its accompanying shredded pork sausage adds just the right amount of meatiness juxtaposed against sun-dried tomatoes and almond sauce. Freshly shaved fennel and dill add crunch and texture – delicious!