Acai Super Bowl (Brunch)

$15.00 · 6 Reviews

Mango, blueberries, coconut, toasted quinoa and grain granola. Interesting crunch from the toasted quinoa in the creamy coconut blend! Wish there were more of the icy Açaí blend. Love how the sweetness is so well balanced and the textures from the seeds and granola 😋

Açaí Super Bowl (~$15)

My virgin taste of açaí @superloco_robertsonquay . This super bowl served chilled consists of mango, blueberries, coconut, quinoa, chia, granola. Hows that for super😂. This was not my breakfast choice but I stole some and it definitely felt healthy and delicious as a start for someone attempting to eat clean 😂.


A trip to @wearesuperloco is never complete unless you have one of its popular Açaí Super Bowls!

The Açaí Super Bowl (S$15+) can be a breakfast course or even a dessert. What sorcery is this? The bowl is packed with nutritious and fresh ingredients such as ripe mango, sweet blueberries, coconuts, quinoa, chia and granola. It's so satisfying yet it doesn't make you feel too stuffed.
The açaí, which come from north of Brazil is brought in by the great folks of @selvafoods.

It's on the weekend brunch menu which is only available on weekends, 10am - 3:30pm.

Sixty-six levels of wow. The acai itself was gorgeously gelato-esque in texture, there was just so friggin’ much going on within the massive bowl – from the crispy burnt rice feels of the quinoa to the sweet and sour mango chunks – and the best part of it is that unlike many other commercial acai bowls, this legitimately feels like the equivalent of giving your health and internal systems a big, fat, wet purple kiss. 4.5/5