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Beef Marmalade and Pickles

$14.00 · 34 Reviews

Every guest at the table could be seen ordering this dish. This highly popular Beef Marmalade and Pickles does live up to the hype. It’s an explosion of flavours when you bite into it: the flavour of the tender beef and sweetness of the caramelised onions was toned down by the sour pickles and a sprinkle of chives. All forms of dining etiquette went out the window when I discard my utensils and decided to use my hands instead as I didn’t want to risk dropping any of it. What a pig 🐷 ⁣


From the moment I tried this starter, I fell completely in love with it and it’s a must-order for my partner and I whenever we visit Burnt Ends. It may look small but it really packs a lovely concoction of flavours, and the pickles add an extra dimension to it. Do make your reservations in advance (even up to months before) as walk ins are very rare and risky for a date night, and also note that most seating is in a row facing the open kitchen.

A must order, the sweet and savoury morass of beef marmalade will awaken your appetite with an explosion of ludicrously sublime flavours, its richness balanced by the sharp tang of the pickles

Taste: 5/5


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The beef is effortfully chopped on the spot & the tender meat is flavorful and goes well with the sourdough bread and pickles. The pickles adds acidity that nicely balances out the sweetness from the beef. While the duck cigar looks simple enough, it is no average ‘spring roll’. The duck is expertly cooked to give a smoky taste that is unique and delicious & lives up to the “cigarette” name. The accompanying sauce is sweet with slight spice and brings out the flavor of the duck. A bit pricey for 2 small pieces but I would say it’s worth a try
⚠️ Voted one of the world's best restaurant, a 1-2 month advance booking is required.
📍@burntends_sg, 20 Teck Lim Road S088391

Finally satisfied my curiosity about Burnt Ends' Beef Marmalade and Pickles! Hot damn, this sexaaay little number is just a party in your mouth.🔥Meaty, juicy with a sweetness that compliments the beef really well. There's also little hunks of bone marrow for creaminess and the pickles for a little zing. Besides the Onglet, this is one item you have to get!👅💦💦💦

There is an art in achieving a perfect balance when working with such bold flavours in such a small bite. You won't be disappointed with this to start your meal off, as it awakens your palette with the rich, sweet, tangy Beef Marmalade followed by the fresh crunch of the pickle that gives you that burst of acidity that your mouth craves...