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Beef Marmalade and Pickles

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Due to P2HA, dining out was obv not possible, but that doesn't mean you can't get Michelin-star quality food in the comforts on your own home!

Was blessed by a friend who delivered Burnt Ends to our home in celebration of my birthday!

Next, the Beef Marmalade. A must-order starter if you're dining in cause having it on the spot would definitely taste a whole lot different! It came deconstructed and I pieced it back based on my vague memory of having it that one other time. The marmalade is made of smoked beef brisket that's slow cooked with bacon & beef bone marrow. What you do is top the sourdough toast slices that comes with it with a portion of the marmalade, then top it with the house made pickles and aioli. What you get is a party in your mouth followed by fireworks beefy goodness and a slight tartness of the pickle to cut through all the fatty juices that comes with it. Even though it's a small bite, it ticks all the flavour boxes in this snack.

10.7nett delivery charge

The bread was decent but it's probably much better and not soggy at all if eaten immediately. Not one for sweet foods, I find the obvious sweetness in this really lovable as it blends with the spices and the umami of the beef perfectly. Delicious! There's a nice harmony with the mayo-esque sauce as well.

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Established itself to be one of Asia’s most exciting places to dine in, @burntends_sg is a modern Australian BBQ restaurant that offers a rather casual dining experience, with counter seats looking directly into the open-concept kitchen. No joke you have to reserve up to 3 months in advance, especially for the Saturday slots!

Featured are the starters and a mind-blowing dessert to end off the meal on a charred yet sweet note.
👉Grissini & Taramasalata - SGD12
👉Smoked Quail Egg & Caviar - SGD15 (per egg)
👉Beef Marmalade & House Pickle - SGD14
👉Jamaican Chicken & Lime Crema - SGD10
👉Marshmallow - SGD2 (per stick)

Every dish was reasonably priced (except maybe for the Smoked Quail Egg & Caviar?) and so well-executed by the chefs. No doubt the explosion of smoky rich flavours when bitten into the egg was memorable, but for $15? I’d actually order another plate of Grissini & Taramasalata instead😂. The shatteringly crisp flatbread comes with a nice layer of salted fish roe and topped with a thick blanket of fresh chives & dill. Love this so so much!

If you think you know how to roast/bbq a marshmallow to perfection, I had to burst your bubble💭. Try theirs to believe it!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

😆 We had:
- smoked quail egg and caviar (seems like a staple for all)
- white pepper chicken necks 😋
- Jamaican chicken and lime crema 😋
- steak frites (added on cause it looked good on other diners’ plates)
- leek white truffle (probably the most expensive leek I’ll ever eat in my life 😂)
- beef marmalade & pickles (my fave item🥰)
- belly chop with apple and raspberry compote (portion was bigger than expected and i preferred this over the tenderloin!)
- beef tenderloin with burnt onion and bone marrow (a beauty, but I needed some salt 😛)
- chocolate fondant with smoked ice cream (I need a few pints of this!!!)
This is definitely a place where you will be torn between ordering the tried and tested or the other items that sounds/looks/smells so good. Solution: return for another visit! As long as you make your reservation online at 12am 3 months prior 🤫
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Providing a richer and more robust profile, the Beef Marmalade And Pickles ($14) was everything I like and more. The tender and juicy meat was balanced with the crusty, mayo-smeared grilled sourdough. Cutting through the sweetness of the marmalade, the slices of house pickles balanced atop also held a gentle dose of tartness and a very nice crunch. Overall, just incredibly moreish.

This dish leaned towards the slightly saltier side but it’s packed full of flavours from the beef marmalade. The pickles and chives atop adds on another crunchy texture and different dimension to the overall taste profile of this unique dish!

Like what you’d expect - smoky, sweet and savory all in one from the utterly delightful beef marmalade. Then when least expect, there comes a surprise tang from the pickles

If you're here for the first time you'll probably be at a loss what to order, but two relatively inexpensive dishes are your safest bet - grissini ($12), and this.
It wasn't love at first bite, as I found it too sweet at first. But soon after I appreciated how well the sticky sweet beef mixture went with the crunchy acidic pickles. Served on crusty but fluffy sourdough toast, it was scrumptious towards the end. Needless to say, I'll order this again during my return visit.
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Reservation opens 3 months before but i was lucky to get a seat by walking in and it has got to be one of the best meals i ever had!! 😍🥩 -
Beef Marmalade and House Pickles ($14)
Grissini and Taramasalata ($12)
Onglet, burnt onion and bone marrow ($28/100g min 100g i had 185g)
Blackmore’s striploin which is Australian wagyu and exlusive to Burnt Ends ($65/100g min 200g i had 190g)
Pavlova for dessert ($12)
The best part has to be the Onglet cooked to perfection, so succulent. 😋 Will definitely be back but just skip the wagyu and order more Onglet! -
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Every guest at the table could be seen ordering this dish. This highly popular Beef Marmalade and Pickles does live up to the hype. It’s an explosion of flavours when you bite into it: the flavour of the tender beef and sweetness of the caramelised onions was toned down by the sour pickles and a sprinkle of chives. All forms of dining etiquette went out the window when I discard my utensils and decided to use my hands instead as I didn’t want to risk dropping any of it. What a pig 🐷 ⁣