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Salted Egg Yolk Sotong

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Bring the pals and pig out on worth-your-while hawker fare. For sharing, get the Black Pepper Crab ($60) that stars a thick sauce with a slight kick, best enjoyed with Steamed Man Tou ($6 for 6). Also get the generously-portioned Salted Egg Sotong (from $18) that boasts a crisp batter and good balance of flavour. Save some space for their signature Moon Light Horfun (from $6) — think silky smooth flavourful kway teow with the delectable fragrance of wok hei! For a truly good time, bring your own white wine (no corkage charges).
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Wanted to love this after reading reviews but found it way too salty and oily, although the batter was crisp.

Located at 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1, # 01-136 Singapore 150124. Salted Egg Sotong, $18. This is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!!! Although the outer layer is deep-fried to golden crispy perfection with salted egg, those sotong in it were still very soft and juicy! It’s so so so good that we couldn’t resist them! @kengengkee #hungryunicornsg #kekseafood #kengengkee #kengengkeeseafood #kengengkeeseafoodrestaurant #saltedeggsotong

The midnight horfun (M/$9) and salted egg sotong (S/$18) were clear winners of the night. The hor fun noodles had a qq texture and the egg gravy lent it a creamy taste. The sotong had a form bite and the salted egg batter was crunchy and flavourful, one of the best renditions had so far. Less impressed with the coffee pork ribs (S/$8, too sweet for me) and the proprietary Mingzhu rolls (6pc/$12, fried tau pok stuffed with salted egg, ham, mushroom and who knows what else. But generally not a fan of Chinese mushrooms).
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The salted egg sotong from KEK Seafood at Alexandra is definitely one of the best! It is a little pricey, but the portions are substantial - the small portion would be enough for 4 or even 5 people. Batter was crispy while the salted egg was not too overwhelming. It also was not overly salty, and had the right balance of flavours. One of the must orders here!


I’ve been to KEK several times and even though I’ve not had their Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin before, their Salted Egg Yolk Sotong was often a must order for my friends and I! Plus points that this dish was served warm, with an evenly thick coat of salted egg and a touch of mild heat over the pieces of crispy fish skin. They weren’t too thick so it was easy to crunch on!

📍Michelin Guide Street Food Festival 2018


Definitely a must order here, this dish is as fragrant as it is crispy. Utterly chewy, the sotong was so fresh I cleared the entire plate 💯

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I just love my calamari and when it's prepared with salted egg.. lagi best.. what's great is that the batter retained its crispiness and the salted egg wasn't too over powering.. putting the entire plate in front of me wasn't a good idea at all haha #burpple #nofilter #iphone7plus #happiness #whileimwaitingfortheloml #lomljns #lomljnck

This was how Salted Egg Squids should be done; the crisp, light batter encases calamari which weren't any bit rubbery, while the sauce carries just enough salted egg flavour without being too salty nor sweet and cooked dry enough that it sticks to the batter of the squids. Definitely more satisfying than the other one I had the other day.