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Mac ‘n’ Cheese Balls

$12.00 · 4 Reviews

Hidden bar that adds a veil of mystery. Drinks were pretty good and the highlight was probably the mac & cheese balls hehe 🧀🧀🧀

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But this speakeasy is as swanky as it can get, cleverly disguised as an unassuming shophouse. A wonderland for hipsters.

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Fri-YAY #latergram ! So glad my buddy @lipperrrs is back and I have company to explore food places while my HB is enjoying Sydney 😜 Back to 28 HK Street again! The entrance is a deceiving old school shophouse door. Push it open and you’ll discover a world of Gatsby, and omg do I feel like I’m back in Seattle/US. The gold decor and dim ambience. Love it!! You should really make a reservation unless you’re chill like us and don’t mind standing around for an hour till a bar seat opens up. Thanks to PP and Fran for bringing here for my birthday a few weeks ago. Great intro!!

Love the drinks - got the same 93 till infinity (fruity drink with pineapple slice - eat it before it gets soggy) and then ventured into the exotic Cheddar drink (surprisingly not bad. Love the combo of cheese, maybe why I’m sold, and this bourbon-like flavor. Meant to be slowly savored. Can I have 3 more pieces of cheese to go with the drink please??) sitting at the bar was excellent as we got front seats to watch the bartenders mix the drinks. PS if I didn’t mention alr, last time I came we had truffle Mac and cheese balls (the best ever!!!) and pandan churros (omg it’s amazing and not too sweet!! Hits the sweet spot! Lol). Oh yes I was annoyed after midnight that people kept invading my space at the bar to order drinks. hello! Personal space everybody. Anyways. I think the key is to not budge and give any space for people to sneak through. You can really just order from the servers walking around, don’t need to come squeeze at the bar with your sticky bodies... eew.

That aside, we enjoyed the company and drinks so much we stayed till 130am, way past my bedtime. Lol and now two days later I’m still recovering 😂😂 #drklingeats #speakeasy #28hongkongstreet #cheddardrinks #friyay #latergram

An explosion of Flavours. #28hongkongstreet #bar #truffle #truffles #trufflemacandcheese