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Marinated Chicken Galbi Fried Rice

$14.90 Β· 5 Reviews

Dish: Chicken Galbi Rice (2 servings)
Price: 14.90 SGD (per serving)

Sometimes I would have one of those moments when I just stop and think about how blessed I am and I don't even deserve it.

This is that particular feeling translated in rice form. I can't believe that there would be fried rice, CHEESE, spicy stuff, and chicken all congregating together in a large skillet just for me. And whoever I'm eating with. But whatever.

🌼Rate: 8/10
We bought two people share and is worth it I swear. It's v.nice but sadly we didn't finish everything coz too much. :( but it's worth it πŸ‘

Two layers of spicy rice sandwiching mozzarella – the heat from the hotplate melts the cheese into thick, gooey strings that glue the grains and chicken together. Insanely delish, that's what this is.