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Baby Huey

$20.00 · 33 Reviews

Honky tonk was the only chicken burger.
Buttermilk free-range fried chicken, coleslaw, lettuce, pickles, Big Poppa ‘hot sauce’ & den miso mayo in a toasted baked rice bun. $17++
Burning man is 150g Black Angus beef patty, smoked applewood cheddar, roasted jalapeño relish, hot ketchup & dashi mayo in a toasted whole meal bun. $20++
However, the Baby Huey is still the best. $17.

The burger is the tastiest I have in Singapore. It is so nice that I couldn’t stop eating it without it ended fully in my stomach. This costs $17 so definitely a bit on the expensive side of burgers.

The place is cosy and the staff is friendly. Definitely will bring my wife and daughter in the future.


Definitely a good filling burger with great beef patty and bun, and the sauce was yummy! Though it's a little pricey, would come back again for quality burgers🍔

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This was fabulous!!! Super juicy & soft patty. Look simple, taste was incredible! We love it 😍


This burger is comforting & delicious. 120g aged Hereford Angus beef patty, cheese, ketchup, pickles & spiced mayo in a demi brioche bun. ($16)


Prime beef patty, cheese, lettuce, 'Notorious T.O.M. Sauce', pickles & spiced mayo in a demi brioche bun

That tanginess from the pickles and beef patty just went so well together. Not forgetting the support from the demi brioche buns.

Huey there baby. 💫

Grilled to medium, juicy Angus beef patty with spiced mayo and a fluffy Demi brioche bun. Burgers should be done like that. This Baby Huey ($10 for 2) at happy hour from 4-8pm from Tuesdays to Fridays is a steal. The rooftop here packs a beautiful sky scene in whacky decor and funky sounding food names which added to the fun. One thing's for sure, pick this Baby over the Honky Tonk. And then there's the addictive fries/chips which had me unknowingly finishing all. 😱

Awesome burgers, service & atmosphere! Definitely going back for other burgers!

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