Filetto di Tonno al Sesame con Salsa Balsamica e Arancia

$26.00 ยท 1 Review

Full name on menu: Filetto Di Tonno Al Sesame Con Salsa Balsamica E Arancia

Really nicely decorated portion but more than that, this Italian version of Aburi Tuna was done really nicely. I really like how the sesame coating garnished the half cooked tuna with its light roasted flavor. Half serving was coated with black sesame and the other with white sesame; I prefer the black one because of the stronger flavor. Consistency of the seared tuna was a bit lacking as some pieces were a bit too raw and resulted in it being a bit too chewy. Nonetheless, this was a fine appetizer.

Heartiness (portion): 2/5
Tastiness (product): 5/5
Worthiness (price): 4/5