Fregola ai Frutti di Mare

$28.00 ยท 4 Reviews

Full name on menu: Fregola Al Frutti Di Mare

This type of pasta is only found in this small Italian island called Sardinia. You can only find this here at Alkaff Mansion because the executive chef is from there and imports them in! Very nice texture which complemented well with the seafood. Words escape me how I could better describe this, but the small size of the pasta also adds to the ease of consuming the sauce and the seafood a real delicate mouthful.

Heartiness (portion): 4/5
Tastiness (product): 5/5
Worthiness (price): 4/5

The Lobster Linguine ($42++) was nice too but there was hardly any lobster.
For a nice main, go for the Sardinian Suckling Pig ($46++) where the meat rolls off your knife, exploding with the crispy skin, succulent fat and juicy meat.



Chef really believes in fresh seafood imported from Italy, and serving so much food you cant walk out straight.