Homemade Ginger Beer with Honey

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Ordered the salted caramel crepes ($12), which were delicious. However, it went downhill from there, with both the earl grey passionfruit iced tea ($8) and housemade ginger beer with honey ($8) failing to impress. Would not return

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I've been here quite often to meet friends for dinner before dance class, and there have been a few incidents when my crepes/galettes were served either soggy or burnt. By the way, eating a burnt crepe is nowhere near the enjoyment of eating chao-tah edges of toasts and charsiew - it's bitter and kinda nasty (I somehow conjure the comparison of setting coffee powder on flames and drinking the brewed ashes).

On better days, the smoked salmon galette, chocolate crepe, and quinoa spinach salad are my more favoured menu items, and their homemade ginger beer with honey is intensely spicy.


Our pick would definitely be the strangely addictive Homemade Ginger Beer with honey ($7).Less of a beer taste but a slight heat from the ginger. Maybe weird at first sip but the taste gradually grows on you.