Crispy Spiced Pig’s Ears

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"Ooh what is that?" Was my first reaction when I saw pictures of this dish online. That feeling of intrigue quickly changed to aversion when I learned they were pig's ears. Nonetheless, in the spirit of adventure (and love for fried snacks), I decided to give this a try and was duly rewarded. The ears were rather crispy save for a few chewy nibbles of cartilage. All i'd just suggest is that that this snack is more heavily spiced.

Popped by Moosehead for a Mediterranean dinner and my favourite dish of the night will have to be the Crispy Spiced Pigs Ears ($11). The fried pig ears are super crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and it is not oily at all. The dash of lime juice cuts through the fragrant spiced rub and keeps it refreshing. This is such an addictive appetiser🤤!

Felt like there was still space for a bit more, so we decided to get a little snack. Looked around Burpple, and decided on the Crispy Spiced Pig’s Ears ($10++). Very crispy indeed, with some satisfying chew from the cartilage and coated with an addictive spice powder! No wonder it’s popular!

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Crispy but still meaty with a hit of lime. Great with beer!

This is a must-order every time we come here. These savoury strips of simmered-till-tender-then-battered-and-deep-fried pig's ear strips go really well with drinks; they make for a great starter while waiting for the rest of dishes (or late friends) to arrive. Some may find the seasoning and dusting of spices a little heavy handed (as with many dishes here), but I love it.

Ration the garlic aioli well to last you till the final piece, and don't forget to squeeze the lime for that burst of freshness.