Hainanese Curry Rice

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And here I am trying their Mac and Cheese. Only $3! The taste is good. Not so small portion, but it didn't make me full. #bigtummyproblems
Definitely will go back again to try Curry Rice and the noodles! #yay
Truly Test Kitchen
Address: 153 Kampong Ampat, Jun Jie Industrial Building #07-05
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Really affordable curry rice at $4 for such a huge plate. The curry is suitable for people who cannot take spicy food, and unlike many other places, the pork chop has more meat than flour and did not taste too oily. The long beans however were a tad too salty, but the highlight for me was the cabbage cooked till soft and fragrant πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ #burpple#burpplesg#burpplesghawkerfare#taiseng#trulytestkitchen#curry#curryrice#porkchop#cabbage#longbeans#tslmakan#8dayseat#whati8today#onthetable#sgig#exploresingapore#sgfoodie#sgfood#sgfoodsnaps#roastedpotatopiggiessummeredition #STfoodtrending #BurppleCheapNGood

The rice is drenched with excess of chicken and assam curry. It’s thick and sticky but not overpowering in taste, with a spiciness level that is suited for all. You know that a stall serves great curry rice when you don’t need unique dishes to pair it with.

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Rice, cabbage, pork cutlet, curry. 3 bucks. Order, enjoy, fall in love.

Was feeling lazy so I decided to use Deliveroo to order in today! It's great that they have so many options available to choose from.

I wanted to have some variety and finger food to snack for the rest of the afternoon, so Truly Test Kitchen seemed like the appropriate choice seeing as they have so many different rice bowls and sides to choose from.

My food came quicker than expected (< 30 mins) packed in nice boxes and cartons with utensils provided - really fuss-free and convenient! The food was served hot and extremely generous portions were given. We ordered the fried chicken chop curry rice bowl ($4), the pork chop rice bowl with sauce ($4), fried pork belly with sambal ($4), cheese fries ($4) and fried radish cake ($4). We also added fried fish fillet ($1.50), a braised egg ($0.50) and boneless soy chicken thigh ($1.50) to our rice bowls. Really cheap and affordable!

This is simple comfort food at its best. The curry was really fragrant and very thick, making for a nice sauce. The fried meats were still quite crisp despite being delivered, and went really well with the curry and braised sauce. Their fried radish cake was also a winner - crisp outside while soft and fluffy inside. The sambal provided really packed a punch and complimented the pork belly really well. Needless to say, we were stuffed and satisfied.

During their Western Week (1-7 August), you will get to enjoy a 1-for-1 promotion! Enjoy life a little and order in, because you deserve the best! #BYDTB #BurppleRoo

My favourite is still the fried pork belly with instant noodles (not pictured here)


Price: $3.00
πŸš‡: Tai Seng
They were formerly selling curry rice at Telok Blangah, these young hawkerpreneurs have quit the former full time job and take over their parent's business. The new location is only 10-15 mins away from tai Seng mrt, located on the 7th floor of an industrial building.
Having to change to a much spacious location, truly curry rice has expanded and sells a variety of products like western, noodles and even porridge.
I love when my rice is overflowing with curry. As for me, curry has the ability to instil life into the dish, although the curry here was still lack of the flavour. It was slightly sweet and thick, but the spiciness was mild. As for the pork Chop, it was cold, but still retains it's moisture and crunchy texture. The chap Chye, was not too hard and not too salty.
Overall, it was simple, cheap and decent. I regretted not ordering their noodles, it was huge and I could see people enjoying it.


Might need some help breathing now.
πŸ› :Curry noodles with fried pork belly β€’ Curry rice with fried fish, sambal squid and eggplant β€’
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