Duck Confit Tagliatelle

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Interesting mix of hash brown, duck slices, sliced garlic, runny egg and special sauce. Best enjoyed alongside a brunch meal that includes bread.

Finally tried this highly raved cafe but tbh nothing stellar about the food here. Tried the signature duck tagliatelle but was slightly disappointed, taste was a little flat and sauce was too watery for my liking. Crab pasta (red) was decent and truffle fries were not bad though. Pricing is reasonable with the one for one burpple voucher (adds up to about $30+ per person with fries and drinks)

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Duck confit hash from @southunionpark ($21)! Duck confit was surprisingly really tender and soft, and the dish was full of umami especially because of the abundance of garlic slices. Yummy brunch item to have!

If you’re searching for a unique pasta dish, look no further! SUP’s Duck Confit Hazelnut pasta is my absolute favourite for its earthy flavours from the masala cream and crunchy hazelnuts. Served with fresh pasta and shreds of duck confit, this is a must-try!



Snack: Truffle fries
The hot & crispy shoe string truffle fries was so good with or with out dipping the mayo that come tgt with the dish.

Pasta: Signature Duck Confit pasta
The pasta itself is handmade and it look like mee pok and it has a chewy texture. As for the shredded duck in the pasta it was soft and not dry.

Main: Salmon
Salmon has a strong fishy smell but it is not overcook

Dessert: Hazelnut Choux
It was good and not too sweet

Burpple 1 for 1 for the pastas/mains - worth it.

Duck Confit Tagliatelle $24++
Signature dish here, definitely a more unique kind of pasta dish across cafes. I liked the slight tangy taste of the sauce and the texture of the pasta. Worth a try.

Crab Meat Tagliatelle (can’t rmb exact price but was about $25++)
It’s quite a basic pasta dish so it’s strange they couldn’t do this dish to a minimum standard when they definitely could with others. Was bland and lacked *that* crab meat pasta flavour you’d normally get. Suggest getting something else.

Squid Ink Bone Marrow $13++
Squid ink was tasty and overall this was good.

$24++. This was good too - the duck confit was tender and the pasta had the texture of homemade noodles, and had nice hazelnuts and slices of garlic to balance it all up.

Duck confit pasta and seabass!