Grilled Cheese

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blue cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, pickled onions, prosciutto, sourdough

Office week calls for cbd food hunt (yasss!) @parkbenchdeli has drawn highly raved reviews about their dishes, now I see why i’ll definitely make a return visit ☺️

The absolute main star goes to the short rib + tater tots, love how the rib cuts are well marinated and perfectly charred & tender! Also, what’s not to love about freshly served tater tots — to say that massive is an understatement!)

Though I was hyped up about their sandwiches, the grilled cheese was slightly a disappointment as it was a little “gelak” for me after a few mouthful.

All in all, definitely a great place to unwind down after work and soaking yourself with the warm and cosy ambience 💯

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Been wanting to give their Kale Mushroom Melt a try for the longest time, but whenever I'm there, they are always oos. So, I guess, this is the only good thing I've gotten out of Circuit Breaker thus far. I stay a fair distance away from PBD, so I'm pleasantly surprised that when they were delivered, it's still warm and the cheese still gooey, perfect for that IG cheese-pull. ⁣

Bronzed in all the right places, every bite promises a delightable crunch, along with a medley of cheese - mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere, perfect for all you cheese lovers out there. This Kale Mushroom Melt is far from a basic grilled cheese toastie, afterall, it consists of kale, a mark of hipsterdom. I promise you, this is definitely worth a try. ⁣

Featured here too are the Crispy Hot Chicken and Pastrami Dirty Taters, which is deserving of a post by itself, so I'll save it for another day. ⁣

Man, this makes my Kraft sliced cheese on toasted Sunshine Bread seem lame. ⁣

(You spoiled my tastebuds, I'm holding you responsible.)

Yeahhh finally back to @parkbenchdeli 👍 got the mushroom melt - roasted mushrooms (portobello, shimeji, button), mozzarella, griddled onions, balsamic cream, garlic aioli, arugula, rye ($16) - just 🍄 mush-appiness🥰 I miss their grilled cheese and tomato soup thoughhhh 😭 hope it comes back onto the menu hehe😋
Available from:
Monday – Fri : 9am – 11am
Sat & Sun : 9am – 12pm (Included PH)
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Wanted the Mushroom Melt but they were out of mushrooms 😭, understandably, given that I went an hour before they close. Settled for the Kale Grilled Cheese, consisting of braised kale, caramelised onions, mozzarella, cheddar, gruyere and white sourdough. The finished product was a crispy sourdough with slight burnt on it, giving off a very nice crunch with every bite. The cheese was also of the right balance, enough to make every bite cheese filled but not overwhelmingly jelat. A very satisfying lunch indeed

Ordered the Turkey Classic ($18), Cubano ($15) and Kimchi Grilled Cheese ($14)

Turkey Classic ($18) requires a huge mouth to eat graciously but other than that, it was a price-worthy sandwich. Thick, juicy cuts of turkey with generous slices of bacon. However, if it’s cold cut so if you’re looking for a warm, freshly baked sandwich then this might not be your cup of tea.

Absolutely loved the Cubano’s ($15) texture and taste. The ciabatta bread was light and crispy and its bland taste acts as the perfect canvas for the robust and rich mexican flavors of the pulled pork shoulder, cheese and salsa filling.

I wished the Kimchi Grilled Cheese ($14) would have a smaller kimchi to cheese ratio as the kimchi was way too overpowering, masking the creaminess and saltiness of the cheese. But it was a rather interesting try nonetheless

Last Saturday, I had walked in here with the intention of ordering Guest Chef Alan’s (Instagram: @malaccamakanking) sandwich (it’s a Char Siew Glazed Beef Tongue Banh Mi) but sadly, they had run out of it. Fortunately, Chef Gabriel (Instagram: @paulotism) was quick to suggest he‘d make me something new: a yet-to-be-launched sandwich.

My verdict: Two thumbs up!

The Kimchi Grilled Cheese is one appetising creation for sure. I liked how the not-too-sour house-made Korean pickles and locally-grown kale offset the hot ooey-gooey richness of melted mozzarella and smoked cheddar. Ordinary butter wasn’t going to cut it either. It had to be sesame butter that got the honour of being spread on the sliced bread being they went on the grill.

Another plus: The portion is hefty, so two people with smaller appetites can split it.


Putting my Burpple 1-1 to good use yet again by settling my morning fuel here. They have had a menu revamp and my favourite Grilled Cheese is now a breakfast menu 😶 nevertheless, I got the Straight Up, which consists of fluffy scrambled eggs and caramelised onions that was drizzled in a special sauce and packed between 2 utterly soft buns. Mmm, started my morning right 👍🏼⁣


[Available for 1-for-1 with Burpple Beyond]

Tasted pretty decent but don’t really get the hype about this place, wouldn’t be worth it w/o the burpple 1for1!