Deconstructed Blackforest

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Had this beautiful dessert months ago, and realize that I didn't do justice to this yummy sweet bite. Thanks to the chef who did this for my Godmum and I on her birthday dinner celebration. What you can expect from this? Chocolate mousse with crunchie biscuits and berries, thereafter crowned with a home made vanilla ice cream and edible flowers. For people who like their food to be visually attractive and unique in taste, this dessert is almost a dream come true!
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For many restaurants, dessert-of-the-day is included in the set menu because well......just for the sake of completing the menu, not much thought or effort goes into it. The Matcha Azuki cake may looked deceivingly simple and main-streamed here, BUT taste-wise, it is the most perfect matcha azuki cake I ever had. Just got to give it to the in-house pastry chef for taking so much pride in making this humble cake. The second place in Singapore that I would enthusiastically and willingly pay to have desserts! 😍 #PorticoSg #TakeMyMoney #EileenWantsToCampHereForever #OngsLaiJiak #Burpple #Desserts #Sweet #Cake

Rich, luxurious chocolate mousse, tart berry coulis, crunchy hazelnut soil, pretty edible flowers, and caramel ice cream.

The surprising popping rock candy and combination of flavours and textures make this signature dessert a whimsical delight!

It tastes as great as it looks! Decadent chocolate mousse paired with an exceptionally smooth ice cream. Mmmmm


On first sight, this dish sure looked pretty, with the immaculate presentation in the positioning of each piece of ingredient, along with the stunning stone bowl. The leaves tasted really interested, part refreshing part spicy but of course in terms of flavour.. it tastes like grass, or like alfafa. I was really intrigued by the ice cream as I initially thought the white colour = vanilla, but I tasted caramel instead, and it was really good caramel ice cream, which melted pretty fast. The chocolate mousse was nothing to shout about, but I was impressed at the brandied* cherries; the amount of alcohol that it was doused in was generous and it bursts in your mouth. It isn't the most exciting or interesting or most tasty desserts, however as Cephas mentioned, it's hard to come across something that looks nice and tastes nice. Overall, this would fit the bill.

Heartiness (portion): 3/5
Tastiness (product): 4/5
Worthiness (price): 3/5


Just when I thought that Portico was whipping up just "not bad" executive lunches, in comes this delightful, chilled mortar flowerpot.

Sporting a quenelle of caramel ice-cream atop a forest of rich Varlhona chocolate mousse trunks, hazelnut cookie soil, bleeding coulis and leaves which actually taste nice without jarringly disrupting the palate for the sake of floral vanity.

The hidden popping candy serves as the proverbial brandy-soaked cherry upon a beautiful & beautifully-tasting dessert.

And no, Taylor, I don't want to go out of the woods.

Top-Down/Straight-On: Pretty Delicious


Diners who stay back after lunch at Portico on Saturdays are welcome to take part in 'Saturdays at Portico', a weekly feature whereby various fun and unusual activities such as a conducted tour of Portico's very own herb garden (and sampling of various plants - I'm dead excited to share that I met and ate the smallest baby cucumber ever, which is the size of a fingernail!) and food plating demo sessions are held...absolutely free of charge!

Plated by @gareth1304 and myself β€” the esque hazelnut soil, blobs of 70% dark chocolate mousse and popping candy gives your palate a walk through a forest.

Here, the plating symbolizes new life springing forth from the dirt of the ground β€” a small sprout resting upon a pigeon egg while the world around them is in chaos.
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And no, this is not mine, sadly. πŸ˜… If only I could plate with such finesse.

Like a playful dessert chef’s literal and visual reimagination of black forest. The leaves, flowers and fruits visually recreate the forest setting, the coldness of the bowl is not unlike the freeze of the night, the crunch of the popping candy and biscuit-esque hazelnut soil provides the necessary sonic imagery of walking in the woods, whilst the bitter chocolate and alcoholic cherries bring a good dose of sex and danger to the proceedings. If a tryst in the forest feels this good, it (almost) justifies the risk of being eaten by those darned wolves. 4/5