Parpadelle with Braised Lamb Sugo

$26.00 · 8 Reviews

Just thinking about this makes my mouth water. The simple, tomato-based sauce really shone. It was flavourful, perfectly herbed and had just the right tartness. The minced lamb was well-seasoned, still oozing meat juices, and had none of that sandy mouthfeel that some minces do. The smooth pliant sheets of papardelle were the perfect vessel for slurping up every last morsel.

Handmade pappardelle with lamb shoulder, $26. The texture of the pappardelle was perfect, complemented by the savory lamb shoulder ragu for a comfort meal indeed.

Pasta (handmade, no less) ribbons tossed in a delicious lamb shoulder ragu and porcini mushrooms, finished with a light sprinkle of pecorino cheese.

Rich and delicious, particularly loved the handmade pappardelle pasta and the slow-braised lamb shoulder ragout. Nuff said, will gladly order this again!

Handmade,fresh pappardelle pasta served with slow-braised lamb shoulder ragout simmered with porcini mushrooms, and shaved with pecorino cheese

The standout dish of the night - there really is a difference between dried and freshly-made pasta! Kudos to the chef; the noodles were perfectly al dente and springy. The lamb ragu was tender and came apart easily. Would go back just for their pasta.

Really good food and an intimate ambiance makes for a perfect date night. Cicheti (Chi-keh-tee), located along Kandahar St, serves perfect woo-fired pizzas and hearty pastas. Have the Bruschetta to start, then move in the Bismarck, a crispy pizza topped with a gorgeous runny egg, the pappardelle ragu, and the delectable ciopino. The ambiance just right, not too stiff and not too casual, with excellent service.

Pappardelle Ragu. Wide strips of handmade pasta coated in a flavourful slow-braised lamb shoulder ragout with porcini mushrooms and pecorino shavings. #pasta #lamb #pappardelle #ragout #italianfood #sgfood #foodporn #ilovemyjob