Salted 72% Venezuela Cocoa Cake

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Salted chocolate lava cake. The addition of salt balanced and enchanced the sweetness of the chocolate, elevating the taste from being simply delicious to the sublime 😍. The pizza were delicious with the crust being one of the better one I have tasted outside of Italy. But the best authentic Italian pizza I have tasted are still from a restaurant in Taipei.


(Long post ahead!) This is a quaint little restaurant located in the relatively quiet and low traffic area near beach road. This place is warm and cosy with a really nice ambience I must say. It has two levels and is suitable for gathering of friends or even a nice dinner date/celebration date with your loved one 😊 Moving on to their food, everything I tried is tasty and good! The best ones were the pizza (with the runny egg yolk in the centre, and it has a generous amount of about seven slices big slices) and their dessert! Their dessert, I don't know why but we walloped it within two minutes. It was the first on the list, called molten chocolate lava(smth like that). It is good. MUST TRY! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ the other I ordered were their calamari rings- this is good too, their batter is crispy and tasty unlike others I've tried. Also ordered their squid ink pasta with crabmeat. There was more crab flavour than squid ink, a nice change from the usual! A filling meal for two! Mostly cause of the carbs, but it's a good place to go. Total cost was 87 for two- quite reasonable for good food and great ambience! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

This is a lot bigger than most lava cakes I have come across. The molten chocolate within does not disappoint either - it flows like one of our famous Singapore flash floods 😝 With pink sea salt flakes incorporated into it, you get a interesting, nuanced flavour experience that plays tricks on your tastebuds, peekaboo-ing between sweet and salty. It's perfect partner in crime was a big scoop of vanilla gelato.

Yummy and must try for this dessert!! Rich in chocolate but sweetness is just right as the salt calmed it down.

The chocolate tasted amazing and the cake had just the right amount of undone-ness but after 2 starters, 2 pizzas, a pasta and 2 desserts, we found it a little gelat.


Salted Chocolate. I wasn't expecting this to be quite so boldly salty, but I loved it anyway. #salty #sweet #chocolate #molten #lava #cake #dessert #foodporn #sgfood #ilovemyjob