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Pastrami Knishes

$12.00 ยท 13 Reviews

Had quite forgotten how humongous the portions here are โ€“ I barely managed to finish half the scrambled eggs (although I did polish off the bagel and herb cream cheese cleanly). The knishes here are a must-order; each parcel of puff pastry is swollen with mashed potato and peppery pastrami. And the latkes this time were better-cooked and crispier around the edges than I remember them to be when I first dined here last December.

If you like chicken liver, you'll be pleased to know that Sacha & Sons is tremendously generous with theirs โ€“ each open-faced sandwich is accompanied by hardboiled egg and pickles. But if you love chicken skin like me, opt for Sacha's Toast, which comes littered with crispy nibblets made of just that.

My favourite of the three, though, is undoubtedly the Pastrami Knishes. Greedy me polished off two, double of what everyone else had that night ๐Ÿ™Š. But I couldn't help it. Each flaky puff is filled with mashed potato and Sacha's winning home-smoked pastrami, a combination that already captured my heart and taste buds โ€“ and that's not all: a savoury sauce swimming with MORE diced pastrami is served on the side, to douse the knishes in. I am in love.

Something but yet filling? This can be one of the best choice to have at Sacha & Sons.

Responsible for eliciting gasps of happiness from me were these three NYC delicatessen-style delights that graced our table at the recent BurppleTastemakers meet-up.
Top pic: "Sasha's Toast" is a thin slice of dark bread topped with rendered chicken fat (a.k.a. Schmaltz), fresh green herbs, translucent pink slices of baby radish and the most fabulous crispy bits of chicken skin.
Bottom left: "Chopped Liver" may not exactly excite everyone from the get-go but even if you aren't a liver fan, do give this classic deli specialty a try. The one here is exceedingly smooth and creamy with a fragrant peppery taste. Adding extra dimensions of flavour and texture are a hard-boiled egg and chopped pickles.
Bottom right: "Knishes" may be tricky to pronounce but they sure slip down my throat with the greatest of ease. Each roll of buttery puff pastry is stuffed with juicy pastrami and is awesome enough to make me grin with greed. But no, a mini jug of gravy swimming with tiny cubes of pastrami decides to tag along. It's enough to reduce grown men and this grown woman to tears (of joy).

Didn't try this but this was @rachelxie's fave. The happiness on her face as she sank her teeth into the flaky, buttery puff pastry. Priceless.

Close-up on my share of the puff pastry roll. Mmmmm...


Another hot favourite amongst us. So easy to overdose on these... that meat gravy really packs a punch!