Coffee Bacon Cheesecake Bar

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Essentially a cheesecake equivalent of Willy Wonka's Three-Course Dinner Chewing Gum from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory - things start off all fragrant coffee cream cake-esque, and then the salty, woody smokiness of chewy bacon kicks in (actual sizeable bit chunks of bacon, mind you, not merely bacon bits) and it all culminates in a smooth, creamy cheesecake finish. Astonishing. 4/5


Back to try more of their Cheesebars, and got distracted with the newer flavours that they offer. Both rather unconventional flavours, the Curry Cashew (left) was really interesting and guarantees to bring the taste buds on a ride especially carrying hints of curry spices on the top with the usual cheesiness within the cheese bar itself, speckled with cashew nuts. The Coffee Bacon (right) initially comes with a caffeine kick at the start, but as you move on further into the cake, you get smoky, savoury bacon flavours from the strips of bacons embedded in the Cheesebar. Both are adventurous, but those who prefer more conventional flavours can perhaps opt for the Coffee Bacon, though I would just say go for both since if you have already decided to go all-out fancy, might as well do it all the way!

Of their new seasonal cheesecakes, this exotic Coffee Bacon stole my heart. The coffee cheesecake base was intensely fragrant yet not overpowering, laced with salty bacon bits that tasted like chewy coarse salt crystals! The flavours were bold yet masterfully balanced, and I was totally bowled over.