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Little Red Riding Hood

$9.80 · 6 Reviews

whole cakes are still available (1 week in advance) but for a slice of their most ethereal cake affair, this is prolly your last chance! Don't say bojio!


Chained to a series of challenges lately which diverted most of my attention away.. Really love Japanese desserts💁🏻💕 Selected the classics: Little red riding hood (Dark choc mousse w raspberry center)Nao (Strawberry mousse w pistachio center), Antoinette (White choc mousse w mango center)
Love the ambience🎎 and tea pairing☕️🍰 #kki #kkisweets

This could be the best chocolate mousse I've ever eaten! Layered with raspberry coulis to balance its sweetness. What a smart choice! 🍰🍰🍰

At the rate that I am coming here I guess it's pretty soon that I am going to finish trying the whole collection. This is by far one of my top favourites from them; shiny chocolate ganache that encases a bittersweet chocolate mousse that was so rich, luscious and elegant coupled with a slightly tart raspberry gelee in the middle to tickle the tastebuds. The bits of raspberry are freeze-dried and imported from Europe; tells a lot about their emphasis on quality. Kki Sweets might come across as pricey; maybe even slightly pretentious, but there is no denying in how each cake seemed to be a meticulous creation; a well-rounded piece that has a lot of emphasis on aesthetic, quality of ingredients and flavour, and that behind that glitz and glamour is a character that exudes a down-to-earth personality which is sincere and from the heart that makes this spot have a special place in me.


8 Months was a long wait (one more month can actually give birth). Congrats and glad that Kki Sweets found their new home with a bigger and better space. Expect new bakes to arrive I'll be back next month.