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Tomorrow is their last day of operation so decided to come down and try their cakes! For the size that youre paying for, its a bit more expensive side. Ordered Antoinette ($8.80), it is white chocolate mousse with mango centre and Yogi ($9.80) mousse with grapefruit in the centre with granola base. Its really light on the tastebuds and im liking it, wish the portion was bigger tho cos i could buy a big cake slice with that pricetag, but its worth a try!



The O List

Price Range: $9-$10

O for: Overhyped

What is popular here?
Onigiri [$9.00]
There was something about basil milk chocolate which didn't appeal to my palate, so the citric acidity of the blood orange was much appreciated.
Think the precision, portion and price of Antoinette with the design fittings of MUJI.

What should I try instead?
San Domingue [$12.80++]
Mad About Sucre's desserts are amazing, and the richness of the cocoa is balanced excellently with a rum box & a hidden plantain (read: banana).
One of the rare, fine-dining desserts that justifies the price with its execution.


The cake was delectable though a little pricey. It is recommended to have the cakes with their tea. The ambience makes it worth the visit as well - a quaint Japanese styled hideout to chat with your significant other or close friends.

White chocolate mousse with mango

L.R.R.H. ($9.80) - dark chocolate mousse, with a raspberry filling and a chocolate crunch base. My alternative to Antoinette's Antoinette when I want something less coyingly sweet.

Finally got the chance to come here after their shift from Ann Siang! Their cakes are seriously amazing, as always. Antoinette is white chocolate cake with mango, which reminded me of liu sha bao for some reason.