Mt. Fuji

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Chef Yamashita has always been my go-to place for Japanese pastries, for its some consistency and premium Japanese ingredients used.
Photography tips: This photo is #ShotOniPhone and edited in the Lightroom app on my phone. Every device used to capture images has its strengths and limitations. Use it often enough to understand how to get the most out of whatever you're using. I shoot food everyday, and literally *every* day, and that's tons of practice. I like some of my photos more than others, so I'll continue practising as well.


If Yamashita itself is not familiar to you, maybe Flor Patisseries would ring a bell. Yes the Japanese pastry Chef is behind those beautiful and yummy cakes some of you may know. Here in his humble shop, you may not see crowd sitting around b'cos most come to take-away and many of his customers were Japanese who pre-order their cakes for birthdays and events.
We tried their top 3 Mt Fuji chestnut cake and Mille Feuille and were really impressed. The pastries were so fluffy and soft while the cream were light and airy. Both cakes were distinct in their flavours. This has definitely made it to the top of my list for favourite pastry places. #burpple #dessertgram #desserttime #dessertlover #dessertphoto #sgfoodies #sgfoodpic #sgeats #sgig #foodieSG #foodgram #foodies #instafood_sg #cafesg #sgcafefood #sgcafehopping #foodstagram #exploresingapore #instagramsg #instafoodsg #eatoutsg #cafehoppingsg #foodloversg #igsgfoodies #whati8today #bupplesg #burpproved #pastries

Fuji (S$7.10). Mille Feuille, which has raspberry jam on top of puff pastry, layered with fresh cream and sliced strawberries is simply delicious! The layers of crispy puff pastry adds dimension to the fresh cream and sponge cake, and goes really well together!
Mt. Fuji which has Mont Blanc chestnut cream with chocolate sponge and chestnuts, is good too, but I like my Mille Feuille better! Maybe cos I am not a big fan of chestnuts.


I came across this Japanese bakery this morning while surfing Instagram (should've been studying but I was bored out of my mind) and took a screenshot as I always do. I have a whole album of places to try but hardly ever get down to actually checking them out. So I surprised myself when we actually went down to this lil hole-in-the-wall cake shop right after a Two Wings dinner nearby. As we approached it from a distance, the sign said it was closed and they were packing up. But lucky for us, one of the girls gestured for me to come in (she could probably see the sadness and tears welling up in my eyes). Okay back to the food, cos that's what we're all here for, right? The Mount Fuji Cake (what a cutie name☺️) was light and fluffy, with whole chestnuts buried in the cream between the layers of chocolate sponge. A crisp thin puff pastry in the centre was a nice surprise. I preferred this to the strawberry Mille feuille which had too thick a layer of cream for my liking, but I suppose the layers of puff pastry were a nice juxtaposition to it. Would I come back? Hm, if I'm in the area. I did see my favourite muffin shop nearby πŸ˜‰


Nice and rich chestnut cake! It is not too sweet. Sponge cake is soft. Fruits were fresh. Staff is friendly too.
Was so glad they made an exception to opened up on 1 January 2016 for collection.
I'll be back to get their petite cake selections for some sweet treats.

#matcha Mont Blanc on sesame chestnut roll, Creme ala mode, chocolate chestnut roll and fruit shortcake. Thanks @littlemissbento for sharing @chefyamashita cakes with everyone!

Loved the chestnut cream that was rich and flavoursome. Even found puff pastry in the middle - a lovely surprise! Full review is up on Have a good start to the week! #food #chefyamashita #desserts #sgfood #sgfoodies #sweet #sgig #igsg #igers #delicious #yum #yummy #instasg #instafood #instalike #foodsg #foodstagram #foodie #foodpics #cakes #foodporn #singapore #singaporefood #singaporefoodie #happy #eat #hungry

Very nice cake in terms of texture n flavour! Must try!

Located at the 2nd storey of an old building, a small brightly lit patisserie serves up this well-known chef-patisser's exquisite Japanese-French style creations. His latest invention, the Luna Wrap, has the fluffiest sponge cake (similar to a pancake) filled with lightly whipped flavoured cream. I tried the matcha one, which also includes a layer of azuki cream and chestnuts on top. Also, I tried the Mount Fuji, which has the moistest chocolate cake, layered with super light chestnut cream, chestnuts and a thin layer of rough puff pastry (slightly salted), resulting in this winning combination. What stood out about his delectable cakes is that they're aren't too sweet, which made devouring 2 cakes all by myself less guilty. πŸ˜‚ I'll be back for more.