The Fat Cow Donburi (Set Lunch)

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Once a year affair with Fat Cow, especially worth it with the Entertainer app. Ordered the donburi ($98++) as the rest were beyond my budget. As usual, the taste of all the ingredients were top-notch and the reason why I keep coming back for more. The foie gras was perfect, had to save it for the last. You will know it when you eat it. A definite must-eat!

Part of the lunch menu and you get a generous portion of sliced waygu topped with an onsen egg. The melt-in-your-mouth goodness is pretty hard to describe. Would love to try from their main menu soon!

Rating: 5/5

Food is ok, service is poor for calibre of restaurant, prices are outrageous.

A perfect medium-rare charcoal-grilled wagyu beef, topped with an onsen egg and shredded leeks over rice. It is also seasoned with a hint of truffle oil for the addition of that amazing aroma. Every single bite sends you to heaven. I closed my eyes to savour every single ounce of flavour of that marvelous wagyu beef. It was literally seasoned and grilled to perfection. It was just too good.

If you’re into wagyu beef, The Fat Cow Donburi from Fat Cow is a good one. Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef served over seasoned Japanese rice with onsen egg (and onsen egg never fails ✨). There’s also a distinct truffle oil flavour in it. We do recommend you to have it during lunch and have the lunch set (comes with chawanmushi, miso soup, and salad)

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Everyone raves about the set lunch-only Fat Cow Donburi or a la carte Premium Donburi but what really caught my attention was the Donabemeshi ($78++) - slow cooked wagyu beef in claypot, Japanese short-grain rice, onsen egg, shiro negi and house seasoned shoyu. Ultimately a claypot-style donburi, the meat is noticeably more tender and flavourful than that of the original donburi, which I got to sample a little from someone who ordered that, probably due to the slow cooking process that makes it all the more tender and softer; the fatty pieces of wagyu meat are super melty and delicious, and I can only wish there was more of those compared to the leaner chunks. I do love the uniqueness of this dish because it does give off a sense of Jap-local fusion due to the claypot elements of the dish, and I feel it elevated the regular wagyu beef don to something more fragrant and tastier. 😋

The price is really hefty, and I probably would not have gone to Fat Cow without the trusty Entertainer app which allowed 1-for-1 a la carte main dishes limited to every 2 pax (up to 8 pax, 4 vouchers). I am not sponsored by the app (lol wouldn't everyone wish they were? 😂) but this really saved the table a lot of money, and this meal alone managed to breakeven the cost of the app, so all's good. 😁

Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef with onsen egg and shredded leeks over rice. The beef seriously melted in my mouth. The ultimate comfort food. Worth every penny. The premium version at S$98 includes uni caviar and foie gras. 😋😋😋


Charcoal-grilled wagyu beef with onsen egg and shredded leeks over rice.

There was a hint of truffle and while I'm not a huge fan of truffle, this was done perfectly so that it wasn't overpowering and actually complemented the dish really well.

You can choose the how you want the wagyu slices to be done, and I opted for medium rare. The wagyu slices were really tender and even more flavourful when I dipped them into the runny yolk of the onsen egg.

It's been a few years since I went back to Fat Cow, and I'm really glad that it was as good as I'd remember. Will definitely be back.

If I can only order one dish, the Fat Cow donburi would be it! Sliced beef with onsen egg on a bed of truffle oiled rice. So good! Their Foa Gura donburi is good too, but not as great! It lacks the onsen egg and the rice is marinated with black sauce instead. Reservations are a must or you'll risk being on waitlist. Definitely go for lunch as it's more affordable.

Fat Cow is one of my fav restaurants for beef! Decided to order a Foa Gura don (foie gras & beef) for a change and was reminded by why I always order the Fat Cow donburi instead. It's good.. but the latter is better! Lunch set comes with soup, chawanmushi, salad and honeycomb ice cream.