Unatama Don (Lunch)

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This is the pre-stirred unagi Don, after which it felt like unagi fried rice. I would have preferred to have kept the unagi chunks instead of having it meshed. Though, I must say nothing can go wrong with clay pot crisp rice (with unagi!) -~$17.90

Had unatama don (grilled eel with beaten egg), edmame and drink (side dish & drink). The portion is big and the eel goes well with the sweet soy sauce. Felt pretty satisfied after having it for lunch. It is pretty popular during lunch time to be prepared to queue if you come at 12:30.


Can't beat the freshness and portion at 12 nett. Would definitely make this a regular lunch venue if I'm working in the CBD again


18 Jan’18, Thu
Unatama Don at Katanashi 型無...🍱

For ppl who’s afraid of the bones, fret not, on top of being tender and fresh, the unagi are like free of bones, at least for mine I didn’t feel that there’s any, it’s just tt soft and tasty...

The egg is also nicely cooked with onion and the other garnishing, just yum!

The lunch set comes with a wasabi mayo salad and miso soup...(they used to have chawanmushi, sad that it has been replaced with the salad...)

While you can’t compare this with Man Man Unagi where it’s crispy and tender at the same time, given the price, mind you, this is one of the best buy already!

Damage: $12 nett (weekday lunch)
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Unatama Don at Katanashi 型無 🍱

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and it wont be as packed as the other places during lunch hours.

Unatama Don [$12]
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One of the places for comfort food when we have a bad day at work. Lost count the number of times we had been there but set lunch at $12 that has delicious Don (Jap rice bowl), salad bowl and miso soup, what's there not to like!! Our selection rarely differ as we love their Unatama Don and Chicken Teritama Don.

Note: lunch set is only available from 11:45am-2:30pm, Mon-Fri.