Banana Walnut Sundae

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Even better than the eponymous baos is this tumble of moist, tender banana walnut cake, vanilla ice cream and crunchy caramelised walnuts doused in homemade butterscotch. Love all those nutty, caramelly flavours binding together, with the coolness of the vanilla ice cream cutting through the richness of it all.


Ending the meal on a sweet note, with two very different desserts in both textures and taste.

The simple milk pudding was light and silky smooth but had a surprisingly eggy flavour that reminded me a little of egg custard. Sweet by itself, the chilled pudding was served with homemade caramel that was sweet as well and carried a pleasant scorched caramel taste. The Banana Walnut Sundae, with much more going on, was drenched in homemade butterscotch. Topped with a fluffy banana walnut cake, the cup also contained sweet caramelised walnuts and vanilla ice cream which were a nice contrast in textures hence it was my favourite of the two at the tasting.


Subtle fragrance from the fluffy banana walnut cake, served with homemade butterscotch, caramelised walnuts and vanilla ice cream.The generously drenched butterscotch makes it pretty sweet so although it isn't a huge portion, it might be good to share it. The variation in textures gave a good mouthfeel tho I wasn't a fan of the caramelised walnuts (to be fair I've never liked walnuts much). Kinda wished the cake was served warm but overall pretty decent dessert for a sweet end to the meal.


Looks like a sticky date pudding but what this is is actually a Banana Walnut Cake drenched in homemade butterscotch, with caramalised walnuts and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Overall the dessert was comforting; a fluffy cake that exudes the sweetness of banana speckled with raisins covered in a salted caramel sauce over a Vanilla bean speckled ice-cream. The caramalised walnuts are sticky and sweet, though there is a chance of it getting stuck in the teeth. Still a good dessert to end the meal with nonetheless especially for the sweet-tooths!


Just here for desserts: Banana Walnut Sundae ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿฆ($7), Earl Grey Ice Cream Bao, Salted Caramel Ice Cream Bao ($5) and Toro Toro Pudding ๐Ÿฎ ($6). If you โค๏ธ mantou and dessert, this is the place for you!