Honey Butter Chicken

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Casual ambience, great food. Tried the rose cheese chiqueen and honey butter chicken.

The first one was a very balanced meal - between the crispiness of the chicken and flavour of the sauce, between the colours of the vegetables and the brownness of the chicken, cheese and wedges. Flavour wise, I would say it's a bit more of your typical fried chicken with cheese but it's definitely pleasing to the eye.

The dish that won my tastebuds tonight was the honey butter chicken. The sweetness of the honey butter powder was delightful, and went surprisingly well with the cranberries and almond. The fried tteokbokki was sweet as well, although I wish there was a bit more. The sauce was slightly sour (it might have had vinegar) but absolutely went well with the chicken.

Do try out the honey butter chicken if you're there!

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Buying in a set gets you a side and a drink as well. The side of honey butter fries was... completely not my cup of tea. Sweet and had a milky undertone.
The crispy chicken was served hot and crispy, just like it should be. It was juicy and oily which was great, but does get too you after a bit. The salsa-like side was an added sour, refreshing kick that which complemented the chicken well. Honestly had higher expectations for chir chir after not having it after a few years. Somehow, it did not amaze me as much this time.

Always couldn't resist and had to order when we come here! The potato wedges and TTEOKBOKKI has a crispy fried layer of batter on the outside and the chicken when dipped with the sauce that came with it was simply delicious 😋

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We got a mix of wings & drumlets in spicy sauce (you're only allowed to choose one flavour). Combo comes with 2 drinks and 2 sides - we went with honey butter fries and kimchi coleslaw. Pretty good value!

The chicken is coated with honey butter and they were all slightly sweet. Even the wedges and rice cake are also coated with honey butter and they were so fragrant. Mains here are 1 for 1 with burpple beyond!

We had spicy fried chicken and this was a lot bigger than expected, we expected it to be the same size as the honey butter chicken. This was very crispy while slightly sweet and spicy. We enjoyed this too! Mains here are 1 for 1 with burpple beyond!

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Great value! Great food at an affordable price with the 1 to 1 Burpple deal! Loved the fried chicken. The garlic chicken was also pretty good but the sauce was very rich. The honey butter chicken dish (not pictured) was too sweet for me and tasted like dessert. Overall thought the fried chicken was the best. Perfectly crispy skin and juicy!

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So happy Chir Chir is on burpplebeyond I’ve always loved their fried chicken especially this! Boneless, sweet and savoury at the same time 🍗


Loved the honey butter chicken! The right mix of sweet and salty. Rose cheese chiqueen was ok, but the chicken was breast meat so it can be quite dry. (Why is it called chiqueen? A play of words with “chicken?) I did enjoy the cheese and veggies! Garlic chicken was nothing to cry home about. Try the honey butter chicken for sure!!

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The chicken is nicely seasoned and expertly fried with crisp skin, tender meat and is not overly greasy. We enjoyed the classic fried chicken and paid extra $2 to change half to garlic fried chicken for greater variety. Both were delicious and don’t be mistaken by the name as #garlicfriedchicken hardly had garlic taste and was more of a honey soy flavour that was still enjoyable but perhaps stronger garlic would have been nicer. The #honeybutterchicken was unique and almost dessert-like as it was quite sweet and came with honey coated fried rice cakes and potato wedges. Liked that it was boneless that made it easy to eat and the accompanying cranberries
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