Chicken Katsu

$14.90 ยท 2 Reviews

Buy one main and you'll get the side disjes for free. Top up for $2.99, ice cream and drinks buffet

Chicken katsu Demi glazed ($17)-taste was decent, chicken is juicy and sauce is pretty good. 4/5


If you want anything quick, and value for money. You have to head down to Hifumi. And while the dishes serve weren't any particularly worth doing a shout out, it is the restaurant's free-flow of appetisers that I applauded. This place is especially great for heavy eaters or army boys who do not wished to burst their wallets. All you need to do is to order a dish, and that's it. Free-flow of appetiser and desserts for you to take and nibble. Their appetisers changes on a regular basis, and you can expect sides such as chawamushi, fried squid, takoyaki, sweet potatoes fries, edamame salad, tamago were there, and more.