Thai Milk Tea Swiss Roll

$5.90 · 29 Reviews

We got the burpple 1 for 1 set and tea:
🍰 Thai milk tea swiss roll
🍰 Nutella swiss roll
🍵 Lychee tea
🍵 Pandan tea
totalled to $13.90.

Pretty decent swiss rolls and teas, but just a tat pricey. And 2 pots of tea for 2 ppl makes you a lil blotted.

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With 4 unique 1-for-1 deals that is allocated for each account, we used the Set with Coffee deal, in which we paid for a set and got the other for free, which saves us approximately $11.90 in total!

We got the Thai Milk Tea and Nutella Chocolate swiss rolls, which already cost $5.90 each, and topped up an additional $1 from the regular Flat White price to make it an iced version. What a deal, what a steal, as we got both sets but paid for only one! Between the two, my favourite has got to be the Thai Milk Tea swiss roll as I spy from the corner of my eye that they are actually using the tea mix from Cha Tra Mue, which is widely renowned regionally as the number 1 Thai tea brand from Thailand. The floral notes and tea fragrance that you get from each bite is such an enjoyable treat on its own, but when paired with an iced coffee, it makes the experience even better.
The Plain Jane Café
Address: 211, Serangoon Avenue 4, Unit 01-10, Singapore 550211
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Retro designed cafe like @cafeplainjane will definitely make you feel like you have stepped into a fairytale scene!
Not just being Rustic, it's also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and soul! @cafeplainjane sell slices of Swiss Roll, With a twist! Swiss rolls are available in many flavours! Some of our favourites will definitely be the Thai Milk Tea and the original ones!
Remember to pair your Swiss roll with a cuppa Latte and your afternoon would be perfect!

spent $20.20 for 1 thai milk tea swiss roll, chocolate chip scone, hot mocha and hot matcha latte.
the thai milk tea swiss roll didnt have a strong thai milk tea taste sadly. the scone is too drying for my liking.


A great example of how the humble Swiss roll has catapulted them to success. It's nothing fancy, just a simple fluffy and moist spongecake; cream that's not overly sweet, airy and creamy without any lingering butteriness or oily mouthfeel I so dislike of buttercream; and a cube of firm, konnyaku-like brown sugar jelly. Astonishingly plain, yet not at all mediocre. Of course can't ever leave without their super fragrant and addictive Thai Milk Tea roll either 😉


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I ordered the Thai Milk Tea Swiss roll which was so good! There's alot of cream between the sponge cake. It does feel like i am biting more into the cream more than the cake though. It also legit taste like Thai milk tea in cream form. I also ordered a cup of latte with a cute love latte art to go with my cake. A good well-spent afternoon imo. :)


Quaint little cafe, nested in a row of quiet laid back HDB shops. Set slightly back for the main street allowing a rather secluded spot. We decided to stop by this little cake-coffee joint for a avro bite. Always going by, but finally had a go and have to say I'm disappointed. Apart form the hipster lightning and minimalistic country setting, the tastings fail to deliver.

The Thai Milk Tea Roll taste was far too mild, barely giving you the satisfying punch of the original taste. Unfortunately the drinks we had weren't anything to shout about either. The mocha lean too much on the chocolate side and the chai was way too milky.

Hopefully this is just some initial issues that requires addressing. Would love to see places like this spice up these quiet old blocks.

Tried the Thai milk tea roll.. I must say I was expecting more given the hype. I found the cake to be a little bit stale and not as light and fluffy as I would have liked it. The service and the ambiance is generally good on a weekday. But whether I'll return to try other cakes would leave me thinking real hard. I would say it's not a bad place to be if I'm not feeling particular about food and just want to have a place to chill.

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