Périgord Burger

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Limited to 20 pcs daily, this hand chopped Rangers Vally Wagyu patty is topped with awesome Perigord (Black Truffle/Madeira/Demi-glacé) sauce and Gruyere cheese between a Brioche Pretzel Bun!!

Gourmet burgers with succulent patties bursting with flavour!
The 120-day grain fed beef patties are cooked over a wood and charcoal grill to give them that smokey and slightly charred taste. However, the doneness of one of the beef patties was a bit over for my liking (almost well-done instead of medium). It was still very moist and delicious nevertheless.

My favourite for the night was the new and latest addition, the Périgord Burger (S$29++). Besides the great blend of the intercostal and rump eye of Rangers Valley Wagyu, it's topped with a layer of creamy melted Gruyere cheese and a truffle and wine sauce. It's what you expect from a great burger.
There's an extensive range of burgers available (from S$16-23), including the spicy Sriracha Chicken, the squid ink aioli-infused Black Ebi (another of my favs!) and the vegetarian Portabello & Friends. All burgers come with super addictive Umami Fries.
This meal was kindly hosted by @wildfire.burgers. Thank you @burpple for the invite

🍔🍔🍔 Totally satisfied my burger craving! We had the Fullblood Wagyu, Special: Perigord Burger & Black Ebi. The beef patties were very juicy and flavourful, though the Fullblood Wagyu patty was a little more well done than requested. However we learnt from Head Chef, Chris that it is due to the Charcoal Grill that causes the temperature to fluctuate. And it is also because of the Charcoal Grill that give the patties that char and smokiness on the exterior! 😋 I loved the Perigord! That chunky juicy wagyu patty w Gruyere cheese and fragrant truffle on that slightly chewy brioche pretzel bun. 👍🏻👍🏻 The Black Ebi had a nice crunchy prawn patty w squid ink aioli, w must for squid ink lovers! Thank you @wildfire.burgers and @burpple for the invite! Absolutely #burger satisfied! #burpple #burppletastemakers


I had to pop by @wildfire.burgers for their LIMITED (20 per day) burger launched TODAY.

What's so special about this The Périgord Burger ($29++) that even the staff had no idea about? (HAHA). This baby features a 170g hand chopped Rangers Valley WAGYU blend party, topped with Gruyere cheese and PÉRIGORD SAUCE (MADE WITH BLACK TRUFFLES) sandwiched between their Pretzel Brioche hybrid bun.

BRB. Going for a run. This had hints of truffle and of course juicy patty, but it was a pretty forgettable burger in our opinion. Go try it if you're feeling hungry because we were STUFFED after having this!

Available and equally limited at both their Evans road and 313 Somerset outlets.

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Wildfire Burgers introduces The Périgord Burger ($29), featuring a 170g hand chopped, individually molded Rangers Valley Wagyu blend of Intercostal (Rib Finger) and Rostbiff (Eye of the Rump) patty, topped with Gruyere Cheese and Perigord Sauce (made with whole black truffles and Madeira) between an all natural hybrid Brioche and Pretzel bun.

This burger will be available from Tuesday 1st March at both outlets and limited to only 20 pcs daily due to the scarcity of ingredients and amount of time it takes to make. Photography @kowfuu