Rocher Shiberty Toast

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Buttery enough so it wasn't dry and topped with a scoop of chocolate hazelnut ice cream &&& vanilla 🍦! One of the nicest shibuya toasts I've tried in sg!! #dqky #burpple

One of my favourite place for thick toast and it is still really good! Just a bit disappointed on the scoop of icecream which was sooo small as compared to the previous time when I visited. Love the quiet ambience while I eat and gossip


Finally able to drop by this place! I am a huge fan of anything hazelnut, and obviously went with the Rocher Shibuya Toast ($16) without any hesitation.
The presentation of this was so pretty, I didn't want to eat it, but the ice cream was melting so I digged in. The Shibuya Toast was crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, and it was generously slabbed with butter. It was a little dry though, and I would've preferred it to be more moist. The condiments surrounding the toast on the plate, like the chocolate sticks, kit kat, and chocolate hazelnut sauce drizzled around, emphasised the hazelnut/Rocher flavour more. Loved it!! 😍

Read more about my visit to Shiberty Bakes on my blog!


Probably one of the nicest toast that we had! Served with vanilla and hazelnut ice cream that goes perfectly well with the crispy, warm and buttery toast. Assorted chocolates and chocolate fudge sauce to complement, as well as to make it more aesthetically pleasing!

I visited @shibertybakes with high hope after reading the raving reviews online.
TBH, I was disappointed. Perhaps I caught them on their bad day.
The toast was mediocre and inconsistent. One side lack of crisp and the another lack the buttery taste. Ice cream is...Ordinary. If you buy your ice cream from an external vendor, source for better ones if you can! If its home-made, 加油 and continue to work on it! 😊 It's okay not to have so much supermarket tidbits over the toast, even if it looks more aesthetic for Instagram. At least a few good one (how abt a Ferrero Rocher for cheeze's sake). Overall, good for the eyes but doesn't go well with my taste bud that day.
Pls continue to support local entrepreneur. Hopefully it will be better if I visit the next time. Maybe I shld try their macaroon heh.
Ps: Pls rem to change the water of your plants everyday. And thanks for the effort put in for deco πŸ™†πŸΌ

Had Matcha Toast for the first time in my life!!! And omg it didn't actually disappoint me! It was soooo sweet (which is good cause i have very bad sweet tooth) & it was legit more than enough for 2 person πŸ˜… It was so quiet & there was only 2 customers in that shop when we went which was a really really REALLY good thing! would love to go back & try their Rocher Toast !!!!

Shiberty Bakes do serve up one of the better Shibuya style toast in Singapore. They are crispy on the sides and soft inside, but given that Shibuya Toast is supposedly a honey toast, the ones served here tasted more like butter toast, a tad oily.
Rating : 🌝🌝🌝
Shiberty Bakes
46 Owen Road, #01-277, Singapore 210046
Parking at HDB [EPS] Blk 46
Opening Hours:
Tue - Sun : 12pm – 9.30pm
Closed Mon
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🍞 We had the rocher toast which comes with chocolates, hazelnut waffle biscuits, fudge sauce and scoops of vanilla ice cream.
Nicely buttered toast with a crisp exterior and soft within. The amount of butter was just nice for me while some may like it more. Anyway, congrats on your opening @shiberty! 🍰

Hazelnut and vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge sauce to go with it. 4 day old cafe with a pretty ambience in the heartlands.