Butter Pork Ribs

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Second time is the charm! Visited the two chefs outlet at bishan years ago and didn't quite fancy it. Remembered that I ate the milk powder pork rib and went nahh what's so nice about this thing.

Fast forward a few years, visited the commonwealth outlet this time. Hesitated whether to get the milk powder pork ribs, and went ahead with ordering it. Turns out to be a good choice because this time round we greatly enjoyed it! Sweet milk powder with super soft pork ribs with no bones! Plus all the food was served quite fast and hot! Other dishes which we ordered include the sweet and sour fish, hei zo meat roll, seafood tofu and chaotah beehoon! We wanted to orfer the claypot tofu initially but it was not available when we visited.

Dined here on a Saturday night. Queue was relatively long but fast moving. And btw, no point calling to reserve seats beforehand. We called to reserve, but ended up we still had to queue up like everyone else. So no need to waste your time to call. Just head there early to queue. 😅They will take your order for the dishes before you are seated.

The bill for this meal for 4 pax was only $43.5! Affordable and good tzechar. Great for family gatherings!

Was recommended this zichar place and even though it was a little bit of a trek from Holland V MRT, it was well worth the walk. Dishes were affordable, delicious and great for sharing. We came on a weekend early afternoon so there wasn’t much of a crowd and waiting times were really short too.

The Butter Pork Ribs with Condensed Milk Powder ($8) definitely stole the show for me - it is after all what their shop is known for. It really tastes exactly like its name, the sweet taste of condensed milk went really well with the salty butter pork ribs. Would come back again.

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Still a popular dish, almost on every table.
Sweetness from the milk powder overwhelmed the otherwise succulent ribs which taste good on its own.
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Highlight of this zi char place. Come before 6.30pm to avoid waiting!


Ordered the butter pork ribs (boneless), spinach with three egg and fried rice. Portion was small but the tastiness made up for it. Enjoyed the non-pretentious and comfortable setting of eating zichar style :)

Ordered butter pork ribs, omelette, and vegetable w/egg, salted egg, and century egg. All foods are good. Worth to try!

This is a zi char store that serves decent food, although nothing super amazing in my opinion! The milk powder pork ribs is one of their most popular dishes - you either love it or hate it!

I personally dont enjoy the mix, but i know of people who love it

1. Herbal Chicken Soup ($14)
2. Spinach with 3 kinds of egg ($10)
3. Hotplate tofu ($8)
4. Honey glazed pork ribs ($10)
5. Horfun ($4)
6. 4 bowls of rice ($2)


This is probably one of the zi char dishes i’ve been wanting to try for awhile and finally had the chance to. The pork ribs are covered in milk powder and the combination of the ribs and milk powder was initially abit strange but it slowly grew on me. The boneless ribs made it easy to eat and it was tender as well but beware as the milk powder rly sticks to your mouth when it dissolves. Not sure if I would order this again but it’s definitely worth a try.

This dish is a MUST ORDER at Two Chefs!!! It’s kind of a misnomer though - it’s called butter pork ribs but really, it’s crispy pork buried under heaps of milk powder fried with fragrant curry leaves and a few chilli slices. Not sure how they do it, but the whole dish is kept so dry and not oily. Don’t say never warn you ah, this dish is just damn shiok la and you may find yourself polishing off all the milk powder bits (like me HEHE).

Other dishes worth trying here are the golden tofu with enoki mushrooms and the herbal chicken. Also tried the stir fried yam - while its good, it’s not quite like the Pu Tien one. Overall, food here is value for money but pro tip: do come early to queue as it is super popular.

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