Cherry Pop

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This luxurious dessert is composed of Dark Chocolate Cherry with Kirsh and Mascarpone Foam, Earl Grey Jelly, Chocolate Soil, Marinated Cherry Compote, Flourless Sponge, and Spicy Cherry Sorbet 😱 .

Was quite stunned at how playful they are with the ingredients and surprisingly, it tasted pretty good. 😀

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Look at how beautiful this dark chocolate cherry dome popped! To crack open so nicely, the chocolate dome has to be really thin. Not to mention every element on this plate was really interesting and nice. The spiciness of that spicy cherry sorbet sent fire down our throats. We wouldn't think it tasted mind-blowing delicious but it was worthy for an experiential dining. 😉

What you see is a dark chocolate cherry dome that encases Kirsh & Mascarpone foam, cubes of earl grey jelly, marinated cherry compote, spicy cherry sorbet and a small flourless sponge cake that absorbed all the cherry-ness inside this dome. Chocolate soil (biscuit-like crumbs) and edible flowers by the side made the presentation really beautiful. 😙

Ordered 3 types of desserts on my first visit to Non Entree Dessert Cafe. Visually nice presented desserts.
Rubber Ducky - Surprisingly nice and unique pudding.
Lava Avalanche - Even though its just a normal lava cake but the effort in the presentation makes it an attraction.
Cherry Pop - It came with a wow but the taste is rather disappointing though.

Overall experience, worth.


Featuring Cherry Pop ($13.90)
Cherry with Bols Kirsch & mascarpone foam, earl grey jelly, chocolate soil, marinated cherry compote, cloudless sponge and spicy sorbet. @nonentreedesserts——————————————————————
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What a cute presentation of a cherry 'bomb'! Encased in a delicate shell of dark Valrhona chocolate, lies a mix of kirsch and mascarpone foam, flourless chocolate sponge, spiced cherry sorbet, cherry compote and earl grey jelly. Sounds complicated, but they all came together very well to form a delightful dessert! Love that we could crack the casing first too. So interactive and fun!

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