Matcha Avalanche

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The matcha avalanche takes some time to assemble as it comprises of a lava cake filled with matcha white chocolate warm lava with azuki beans flowing onto chocolate soil, vibrant edible flowers, crunchy almond nougatine and roasted green tea gelato.

It’s a real sight to see when it’s served. I believe the way it’s supposed to be eaten is to cut into the lava cake so that the matcha lava flows into the hole in the nougatine to envelope the gelato and chocolate soil. Unfortunately, butter fingers (aka me) utterly destroyed the gorgeous dessert and broke through the nougatine layer so the whole lava cake ended inside the glass bowl. Despite that misshap, the dessert tastes as amazing as it looks. The matcha lava is thick, aromatic and has a lingering bitter aftertaste. It’s balanced nicely with the white chocolate so the resultant mixture isn’t too sweet nor bitter. I love the contrasting textures and flavours of the thick matcha lava, creamy houjicha gelato, crunchy almond nougatine, plus crunchy chocolate soil bits. The houjicha flavour does tend to be lost in the mixture as it’s muted so perhaps the only thing that could be improved is a bolder roasted flavour - and also some instructions on the optimal way to cut the lava cake for dummies like myself 😂

Non-Entrée is known for its innovative desserts that bear an uncanny resemblance to the traditional eats of Singapore (think nasi lemak, tutu kueh, ang ku kueh etc). As we do not have adventurous tastebuds, we got their Matcha Avalanche! 💚💚💚
This is definitely a dream come true for matcha lovers like me! 💯 Isnt the presentation just pretty! 🤩🤩🤩 A beautiful matcha cake sits atop a crispy sweet almond nougatine, denying you access to that dainty scoop of houjicha icecream in a bed of chocolate soil. 🤤 Houjicha was too faint & overpowered by the intense matcha lava though!
The trick is to gently cut the lava cake in order to drench the icecream with the white choc matcha lava. Alternatively (or if u hav butter fingers like me), you can create a massive avalanche by stabbing the cake & nougantine! 🤣
Great contrast of warm matcha lava vs cold icecream. 😊 Layering of textures was on point too - soft & dense cake, hard crispy nougatine, sticky & rich lava, creamy icecream, crunchy choc soil. 💕 The combi was a bit sweet for me but it's sure good for sharing. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Thanks @mojoy @neocheryl @ruifen13 @jewelchiew for the bday treat! 😘

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Matcha lover 😋😍 • $13.90

Mr lava lava..she call me matcha fantastic! Double thumbs up! Possibly the best I've tried so far in Singapore. @nonentreedesserts #matchalava #matchalavacake #burpple

Good week ahead everyone. #tingzieeats #burpple

Sweets after dinner is a definite must, glad we chose to walk over to this cafe all the way from Little India after our dinner to try out the famous lava cafe. I'm all for the presentation of the dish and it's incredibly satisfying to cut into the cake and watch the 'lava' spill over the ice-cream and cookie nougat crumbs. I liked the mix of textures, soft and creamy from the cake and ice-cream, complimenting the crunch from the brittle and crumb bottom. And the combination of flavours were all well-thought out. There was an ice-cream bar there too and I got a scoop of the Black Sesame: luxuriously creamy and rich in flavour. This is a dessert place I'd definitely recommend. 👍🏻😋

Cut the cake in half to let the lava flow out before fully cutting the biscuit out to let the cake drop into the bowl. A mix of hot and cold, a great combination!

💕 As we sliced the matcha lava cake, the warm lava dripping unto the green tea gelato atop the chocolate soil with crunchy almond nougatine felt like we're in a fine dining. ❤️
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♡ The thick gooey matcha with the almond nougatine!
☆ $13.90+

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