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Nasi Lemak Ayam

RM9.80 · 48 Reviews

You can never go wrong with a good plate of Nasi Lemak from Village Park. Everything done just right! Fluffy fragrant rice, peanuts and Ikan bilis adds to the crunch factor of the dish, fried chicken undoubtedly juicy and aromatic. It’s no wonder people were willing to get out of bed at the crack of dawn on a public holiday just to get their hands on a plate!
Come early to avoid the breakfast crowd.

This place is notorious for its insane crowds but rest assured, the wait is worth it. You're here for the Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng (RM10.50) — the wonderful dish that has won over the community with its perfect combination of fragrant coconut rice, sweet-spicy sambal and the crowning glory, juicy fried chicken with extremely crispy skin. Wash it down with a cup of Fresh Limau Mint (RM4.70), the perfect thirst-quencher to combat that heaty meal.
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Nasi lemak ayam goreng (RM10.50)

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More than 3000 reviews on Google Maps and a full house at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon attests to the popularity of Village Park. And while some locals might argue otherwise, I found their signature nasi lemak very good. Though not the most “lemak”, the rice was light, fluffy and fragrant. It is the chicken that is the real star though – fried till crisp, crackly and golden brown, yet somehow managing to retain a moist, juicy interior. Even more addictive was the mound of heavily spiced, crunchy batter scattered atop the considerably large chicken quarter, which we mixed into our rice along with the sweet and spicy sambal for an explosion of textures and flavour in the mouth.


There’s something about the rice they use here that it was so fluffy and good. Perhaps it was kukus rice that each grain was thoroughly cooked and fragrant. The Ayam Goreng was Da Bomb. Done right in every way it should be. Sambal chilli was also sensational.
Here and one shouldn’t miss their iced coffee, strong, aromatic and creamy for all the hardcore caffeine lovers.

All time favourite.
Crowded yet efficient.
Air conditioned.
Crispy chicken.
Fragrant rice.

Village Park needs no introduction. The name rolls off our tongues when talking about nasi lemak, which makes it a five-star spot to bring a tourist friend or simply anyone who loves the national dish. Lunchtime here sees snaking queues and tight seats but not many know of its quieter morning service that starts at 7am. This is prime time should you want to come in groups. Otherwise, aim for lunch with two to three colleagues, at most. Start your day on a winning note with the Nasi Lemak Ayam (RM10.50) that comes with a sizeable deep-fried chicken leg. It's yummy, crunchy and perfect with coconut-fragrant rice and mildly sweet, addictive sambal. Make space for a side; the dish of Curry Cockles (RM4.50) is a true underdog here. The little morsels of fresh cockles swimming in luscious curry sauce will easily warrant another order of rice — lemak please.
Avg price per person: RM15
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My go to nasi lemak. If I have people in town visiting, I bring them here because... you can't possibly not love Village Park. The queue might be slightly intimidating but it moves swiftly - as the place is a well oiled machine. Standing way in the back queue, you will smell the wafting aroma of fried chicken way before you see tray after tray of ayam goreng rempah emerging from the kitchen to the chicken man's station. 🤤 The rice is properly steamed, but not inundated with coconut milk too early in the process - ensuring the utmost fragrance without compromising fluffiness. The sambal is a little sweet and is not too spicy (good for those who can't handle the heat).

Tip 1: Extra sambal is RM0.80 but totally worth it. Do it.
Tip 2: If you stand very close to the chicken man, you can try asking him for extra extra crispy spiced chicken bits on top of your nasi lemak.


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If you're a Malaysian situated in Damansara, chances are that you've heard about Village Park Nasi Lemak before as it has became one of the most popular nasi lemak stores in the city. Despite being local, it was my first time trying it as parking in the area has always been a big problem, but no regrets for me because it surely did lived up to its hype!

Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng, picture above (RM9), the Chicken was fried to golden brown, crispy on the outside whilst being smooth and juicy on the inside. On the other hand, the sambal wasn't too spicy either which made it very complimentary to the texture of coconut rice – an excellent and satisfying meal indeed.

There's also a choice to order Nasi Lemak with a wide choice of different side orders from the food counter inside.

One of local favourite and famous place to eat Nasi Lemak is Village Park. Situated in SS21, next to Every Sundae. Tried their specialties, Nasi Lemak (RM 9), since it is highly recommended by the locals. This is place to get your nasi lemak craving, fixed. It comes like any Nasi Lemak in general. Coconut rice come with sambal, ancovy, egg, cucumber and a whole leg of ayam goreng. For me, I like their Ayam Goreng because of the crispyness especially the skin and the crumbs. You can add more sambal for RM 0.80 which I think quite overpriced for sambal. They also serve other food apart from Nasi Lemak, such as Toast or Nasi Dagang. Tips: get ready to queue if you come at lunch hour.