Salted Egg Prawns

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With an all-star show, this dish became the weakest link. I enjoyed the dish but felt that it was perhaps boring after just 2 pieces. I got confused by the name of the dish: Prawn balls, which was simply deshelled prawns, deep fried in a salted egg yolk batter. Not sure how fresh the prawns were, but they did try to peel and devein the prawns, but I picked up a two prawns which still had some veins dangling (not properly removed).

Next. Wouldn't order this next time.

This was so good that my friend remembers the last time she had this and had specially requested for this last night


Bib Gourmand (Michelin Guide Singapore 2016)

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I saw a post by @veronicaphua on this dish and decided to try it.
A very interesting dish - deshelled prawns (not prawn balls) and corn kernels fried with salted egg yolk. I was trying to figure out whether I liked the corn kernels when I realised I had finished eating all of them. I guess I must have liked them enough 😂!
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I remember this to be a lot better during my first visit at its old outlet before the shift. The crispy fried corn kernels were so addictive it even had us ordering another after sweeping the first clean! This time unfortunately, the prawns weren't as fresh and although it was so fragrant when served, the flavour didn't match up. Was hoping for the salted egg taste to be more rich and pronounced, with a little more gravy. Also, not sure if the serving size has changed or our orders were mixed up, we ordered the large but it felt more like medium considering the price tag. The small is at $20 and medium is at $30.

Awarded with a Bib Gourmand from the Singapore Michelin Guide, I loved how the restaurant was located in a well lit alley way in Geylang - much atmosphere and very affordable seafood - around $37 a person for two crabs, clams, salted egg prawn, noodles and tofu. The White Pepper Crab was a stand out - do not miss!

Prawns de-shell and coated with salted egg. I was more interested with the fried battered corn kernels with salted egg as they leave a sweet and savoury crunch 》$20


The prawns were very big and fresh, and each coated nicely with a crisp layer of salted egg batter. The addition of the corn fried in the salted egg batter gave it a nice extra crunch, and was super addictive! Almost like eating crumbs of salted egg batter itself.